Advancing Aluminium: Constellium's 3D Bond

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Constellium broadens its Additive Manufacturing Development Program, collaborating with Morf3D to utilize CP1 powder on the SLM500 system. The joint venture aims to enhance 3D printing for aerospace and defense. Aheadd CP1 boasts superior properties, and its integration into systems like AddUp’s FormUp 350 machine hints at revolutionary industry applications.



Constellium, a global aluminum expert, amplifies its Additive Manufacturing Development Program by joining forces with Morf3D, a Nikon subsidiary, to harness CP1 powder's potential via the SLM500 system. This partnership targets the advancement of 3D printing within the aerospace and defense sectors, specifically focusing on enhancing the properties of the Aheadd CP1 powder.

Aheadd CP1 stands out as an aluminum-iron-Zirconium powder specifically crafted for laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) additive manufacturing. Its key attributes include superior strength, ductility, thermal and electrical conductivity, ensuring efficient processing in high-productivity LPBF. This powder, with a particle size ranging from 20 to 63µm, offers flexibility, universal compatibility with all L-PBF machines, and various packaging options.

The CP1 powder, manufactured through inert gas atomization, adheres to strict chemical composition standards. Its standard heat treatment involves 4 hours at 400°C, offering further customization through tailored heat treatments for specific properties. This powder's versatility and compatibility contribute to its optimization for diverse 3D printing applications.

The integration of CP1 into systems like AddUp’s FormUp 350 machine showcases its potential. Constellium's CP1 powder elevates productivity and heat dissipation compared to conventional alloys, demonstrating promise for aerospace applications, transcending beyond motorsports. The successful application of CP1 in multiple industries hints at its broader industrial relevance.

Beyond Constellium and Morf3D's collaboration, the 3D printing landscape witnesses remarkable advancements in aluminum alloys. AML3D's contract extension with BlueForge Alliance and AMT's partnership with the University of Birmingham underscore the continued exploration and validation of aluminum-based alloys, especially in aerospace and defense applications.


Constellium's alliance with Morf3D and the expanding developments in aluminum 3D printing epitomize a transformative phase for additive manufacturing. The pursuit of superior materials, coupled with strategic collaborations, sets the stage for revolutionizing various industries, particularly aerospace, by harnessing the unparalleled potential of aluminum alloys.

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