AI Triumph: 1000 Kelvin's Precision 3D Partner

AMAIZEImage Source: 1000 Kelvin


1000 Kelvin, a Berlin/Los Angeles startup, unveils AMAIZE—a groundbreaking AI software for metal and polymer 3D printing. The system automatically rectifies print file errors, optimizing designs without alteration. AMAIZE, adopted by industry giants like EOS, empowers rocket launch providers and diverse industries, reducing waste, costs, and energy while improving 3D printing efficiency.



In a monumental leap for the 3D printing world, 1000 Kelvin, a pioneering startup based in Berlin and Los Angeles, has introduced AMAIZE, a groundbreaking AI-driven software for metal and polymer 3D printing. This technology acts as an autonomous co-pilot, rectifying errors within print files to enhance designs without any modifications, revolutionizing the efficiency and precision of 3D printing processes.

AMAIZE, powered by a physics-informed AI, serves as a game-changer in the 3D printing landscape. By automatically identifying and rectifying issues within print files, the software guarantees optimal parts on the initial print, eliminating wastage of materials, energy, and resources. Its cloud-based functionality streamlines the 3D printing process, making it cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Dr. Omar Fergani, the Co-founder and CEO of 1000 Kelvin, emphasizes the pivotal role of 3D printing in addressing global sustainability challenges. With the manufacturing sector contributing significantly to global carbon emissions, AMAIZE aims to minimize waste associated with 3D printing, fostering a more sustainable future by improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

AMAIZE's success story extends across multiple industries, with prominent companies, including leading aerospace entities, incorporating this innovative software into their workflows. The solution's impact is particularly evident in a California-based rocket launch provider, where thermal management issues were overcome, resulting in a drastic reduction in support structures and overall costs per part, exemplifying AMAIZE's capability in accelerating production timelines.

Securing a substantial $3 million funding, 1000 Kelvin expanded its operations to Los Angeles, aligning with its commitment to serving aerospace and defense clients. Founded by former Siemens executives and AI and additive manufacturing experts, the company's vision is to transform the 3D printing industry, enhancing yield, quality, and repeatability for manufacturing sectors.


1000 Kelvin's AMAIZE stands as a beacon of technological advancement in the realm of 3D printing. Its integration across industries, coupled with its ability to optimize designs and reduce wastage, marks a significant step towards a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing.

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