Ambarella Empowers Kodiak's Autonomous Trucks

Kodiak Robotics selects Ambarella's CV3-AD685 AI system for its self-driving trucks, marking a strategic shift in their AI
Kodiak Robotics
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Kodiak Robotics selects Ambarella's CV3-AD685 AI system for its self-driving trucks, marking a strategic shift in their AI Perception and Machine Learning Systems. The CV3 SoC promises heightened reliability, lower latency, and power consumption, enabling Kodiak's autonomous systems to process diverse sensor data more efficiently. This partnership, showcased at CES, propels the advancement of autonomous trucking technology.



Kodiak Robotics, a prominent name in autonomous driving, is set to elevate its AI Perception and Machine Learning Systems by integrating Ambarella's cutting-edge CV3-AD685 AI system-on-chip (SoC). This transition signifies a pivotal move for Kodiak's self-driving trucks towards heightened efficiency and reliability.

The CV3-AD685 functions as a comprehensive embedded compute solution, catering to Kodiak's intricate multi-sensor perception, fusion, and path planning requirements. Operating neural networks while processing data from various cameras, lidars, and radars, this system promises advanced capabilities crucial for autonomous trucking.

Having previously logged over 300,000 miles using Ambarella's CV2 AI perception SoC and delivering more than 875 loads, Kodiak stands as a testament to the robustness of the Kodiak Driver software complemented by Ambarella's hardware. This collaboration showcases their ability to navigate the demanding landscape of highway trucking effectively.

Don Burnette, Kodiak's Founder and CEO, lauds the CV3-AD685 for empowering their autonomous system to translate sensor data into actionable insights with reduced latency, power consumption, and enhanced reliability. Kodiak's participation at Ambarella's exclusive CES event reaffirms their joint commitment to advancing autonomous trucking technology.

Fermi Wang, President, and CEO at Ambarella expresses enthusiasm for their continued collaboration with Kodiak, highlighting the CV3-AD685's processing prowess as a catalyst for setting new benchmarks in AI-based autonomous safety, efficiency, and innovation within the autonomous vehicle industry.

The partnership between Kodiak Robotics and Ambarella, evident in the CV3-AD685 integration, represents a stride towards reshaping the landscape of autonomous trucking. This technological synergy aims to revolutionize safety, efficiency, and innovation in the realm of driverless transportation.


The integration of Ambarella's CV3-AD685 AI system-on-chip into Kodiak Robotics' autonomous trucks marks a significant leap towards more reliable, efficient, and innovative self-driving technology. This partnership demonstrates a commitment to reshaping the autonomous trucking landscape by harnessing cutting-edge AI capabilities for enhanced safety and efficiency.

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