Automotive Precision: Robotic Revolution Unveiled

SCARA Robots
SCARA Robots Image Source: UBH


Discover UBH Mechanical Engineering's groundbreaking automated assembly system utilizing 12 precision-driven SCARA robots for molding automotive connectors. This innovation marks a shift from linear axis systems, enhancing speed, accuracy, and flexibility in assembly processes. The system's dynamic logistics and seamless integration redefine automotive component manufacturing.



UBH Mechanical Engineering's latest feat in automotive assembly involves a revolutionary system powered by 12 SCARA robots. These robots, replacing linear axis systems, bring unprecedented speed, accuracy, and adaptability to the assembly of automotive connectors.

The automotive industry's evolution continues with UBH Mechanical Engineering's game-changing approach to assembly processes. The surge in plastic usage, constituting up to 20% of modern cars, demands intricate engineering, especially for concealed components like injection-molded plug-in connections.

Based in Ebermannsdorf, Germany, UBH has been a pioneering force in crafting high-speed, high-precision automated assembly systems for nearly two decades. Originating as a software and engineering entity, UBH expanded its horizons in 2005, venturing into designing and constructing intricate automation assembly systems.

The driving philosophy at UBH, as articulated by Siegfried Schwarzer, the managing director, underscores a product-to-system approach, facilitating seamless integration and flexibility across diverse systems within a plant.

Recently, UBH Mechanical Engineering took a significant leap by creating a multistation automated assembly system dedicated to producing 2.6 million injection-molded connectors annually for the automotive sector. Central to this system's success are 12 SCARA robots from Epson, delivering exceptional speed and accuracy.

Previously reliant on linear axis systems, UBH's transition to SCARA robots redefines assembly dynamics. These robots, choreographing an elegant ballet of movement, expertly handle metal pin insertion into workpiece carriers before precision over-molding with plastic.

The SCARA robots' versatility extends to handling freshly molded connectors across multiple processing stations, executing tasks like laser-based Data Matrix coding, pin length inspection, and machine vision assessments before secure packaging.

A testament to the system's innovation is its dynamic logistics, liberating components from fixed cycles and embracing flexible and dynamic movement, optimizing efficiency in every operation.

Epson's collaboration has been pivotal, offering diverse robotics solutions and unwavering support. The adaptability and reliability of these robots enable UBH to swiftly respond to changing assembly requirements, ensuring continuous adaptability.

UBH Mechanical Engineering's journey stands as a beacon of innovation, reshaping automotive assembly with precision robotics. The integration of SCARA robots heralds a new era, promising unmatched efficiency and reliability in component manufacturing.


UBH Mechanical Engineering's foray into precision-driven robotics signifies a transformative shift in automotive assembly, heralding unparalleled efficiency and precision in component manufacturing.

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