Empowering Villages: 3D Printing Drives Xizang's Development

A 3D printing construction firm in Lhasa, Xizang, elevates village development within six months, surpassing a 1.2 million yuan output.
3DP Village
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A 3D printing construction firm in Lhasa, Xizang, elevates village development within six months, surpassing a 1.2 million yuan output. Yingcai Construction Technology, backed by two village committees, revitalizes the region, creating jobs, utilizing waste, and crafting vibrant furniture. The technology enhances efficiency, quality, and market prospects, offering promising dividends to villagers and creating a path for technological advancement in rural economies.


In Lhasa, Xizang's capital, a 3D printing construction company, Yingcai Construction Technology, has swiftly become a beacon of progress in village development. Established merely six months ago in Tselgungthang Subdistrict's Tsal Village, this enterprise has already exceeded a significant output value, surpassing 1.2 million yuan (about $169,173 USD).

Owned by the subdistrict's village committees, this company operates from a well-equipped workshop, bustling with 3D printers producing vibrant and diverse furniture, including tables and chairs. Zhang Yonghai, a subdistrict official, notes the substantial impact on employment opportunities and the economic rejuvenation within the community.

Notably, Yingcai not only generates employment but also champions waste recycling, offering economic, social, and ecological benefits. Chairman Xia Dong emphasizes the technology's prowess, citing enhanced construction efficiency, reduced project timelines, and superior product quality like flower pots and isolation strips, promising a favorable market reception.

Towards the year-end, village residents anticipate dividends from the company's success. Dainzin Zhoigar, an employee, values her improved income and the opportunity for skill advancement, while Tsetse, a graduate from a local 3D printing program, expresses gratitude for the foundational experience gained.

With over 60 jobs created, an average monthly salary of 8,000 yuan, and initiatives sending employees for training in cities like Suzhou, Yingcai's impact reverberates. Its expanding influence prompts invitations from other cities, signaling its pivotal role in regional development.

Zhang lauds the company's integration of high-tech advancements into rural economies, highlighting its alignment with future development trends and substantial contribution to rural revitalization efforts in Xizang.

This 3D printing endeavor, backed by local committees and fostering technological progress, stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation in empowering rural regions.


The 3D printing construction company in Lhasa, Xizang, marks an impressive six-month journey, significantly impacting village development. Through job creation, waste recycling, and superior product manufacturing, this enterprise not only benefits the local economy but also sets a pathway for technological advancement in rural areas. The promising market outlook and dividends for villagers signify a bright future, showcasing the pivotal role of innovation in fostering community growth and progress.

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