Galeon's Blockchain Odyssey: Shielding AI Amidst Provenance Perils

Galeon's Blockchain
Galeon's BlockchainImage Source: Bien Crypto


Galeon, a French healthcare company, pioneers Blockchain Swarm Learning, utilizing blockchain to safeguard sensitive medical data. This revolutionary approach allows AI algorithms to train on decentralized, locally-stored data in hospitals without compromising patient privacy. Galeon's innovative solutions earned them three prestigious Innovation Award Honorees at CES 2024, acknowledging their prowess in blockchain technology and cybersecurity, which ensures hospitals remain operational even during cyberattacks.


In the realm of AI training, rich and structured data is paramount, yet provenance introduces challenges, especially in sensitive sectors like healthcare. Galeon, a French healthcare company led by Dr. Loïc Brotons, tackles these challenges by employing Blockchain Swarm Learning. This blockchain-powered technology enables AI training on highly structured medical data without moving it between hospitals, ensuring patient privacy.

Galeon's approach involves creating decentralized learning algorithms, allowing them to traverse hospitals while tapping into local data for training. This secure method ensures data remains within the hospital premises, addressing concerns related to data privacy and regulations like GDPR. Dr. Brotons emphasizes the importance of maintaining data quality for training medical AI effectively.

Primarily serving hospitals, Galeon's impact extends to doctors and patients. Notably, their innovative solutions garnered three Innovation Award Honorees at CES 2024. Recognition includes one award for their blockchain technology and two for their cybersecurity measures. The latter ensures hospitals can continue operations during cyberattacks, a vital capability demonstrated when two hospitals faced attacks, and Galeon seamlessly transitioned to a secure mode, avoiding disruptions and patient relocations. The significance of Galeon's technology becomes apparent in the face of cyber threats, preventing the dire consequences witnessed, for example, at Frankfurt Hospital, which remained closed for months following a cyberattack. Galeon's commitment to secure, decentralized AI training and resilient hospital operations underscores its pioneering role in healthcare technology.


Galeon's journey into the blockchain realm, notably with Blockchain Swarm Learning, marks a transformative chapter in healthcare technology. By safeguarding AI training data through decentralized algorithms, Galeon ensures the integrity of medical data without compromising patient privacy. The three Innovation Award Honorees at CES 2024 underscore the industry's acknowledgment of Galeon's contributions to both blockchain technology and cybersecurity.

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