Gastronomic Revolution: 3D Printing in Mass Cuisine

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Austria's Revo Foods unveils the 'Food Fabricator X2,' heralded as the 'world's first' industrial 3D food printing method. This groundbreaking technology allows mass production of whole-cut meat alternatives with customizable shapes and textures. Dr. Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, envisions a paradigm shift in our perception of food, making exclusive gourmet products accessible on a large scale. With the ability to customize sizes, shapes, and materials, this innovation not only revolutionizes the food industry but also addresses sustainability concerns through flexible production and reduced waste.


In a pioneering leap for gastronomy, Austrian-based Revo Foods introduces the 'Food Fabricator X2,' a revolutionary industrial-scale 3D food printing process set to redefine mass production in the culinary landscape.

The 'Food Fabricator X2' stands as the 'world's first' industrial method for 3D-printed foods, showcasing a groundbreaking multi-nozzle system enabling continuous food production. This innovation transcends the boundaries of traditional culinary practices, allowing manufacturers to produce whole-cut meat alternatives or tailor products with bespoke shapes, structures, and textures.

At the heart of this technological marvel is a high-precision extrusion system. This system empowers manufacturers to amalgamate various ingredients seamlessly, creating any predefined structure. What sets this technology apart is its ability to facilitate 'mass customization,' offering flexible control over product parameters such as sizes, shapes, materials, or textures without necessitating hardware adjustments during the production process.

Dr. Robin Simsa, Chief Executive at Revo Foods, expresses enthusiasm about the transformative impact of 3D food printing on an industrial scale. He envisions a shift in how society perceives food, with products that were once exclusive to gourmet restaurants now accessible on a large scale. The 'Food Fabricator X2' opens new creative horizons for food product developers, ushering in a wave of possibilities in the culinary realm.

Revo Foods showcased the scalability of this technology with the Filet – Inspired by Salmon product, the first 3D-printed food available in supermarkets. This not only underscores the viability of the technology but also its potential to redefine the consumer experience in grocery stores.

Beyond the realm of customization, the 'Food Fabricator X2' brings forth benefits for manufacturers in terms of flexibility and waste reduction. The technology enables mass customization, allowing manufacturers to adapt swiftly to changing demands and produce different products in small batches. This flexibility, coupled with the ability to avoid food waste in production, makes the 'Food Fabricator X2' a game-changer in sustainable food manufacturing.

Revo Foods is gearing up to scale production capacity until summer 2024 and is extending an invitation for public investment into this groundbreaking project. The move signals a commitment to advancing the technology further and making it an integral part of the future of food production.


Revo Foods' 'Food Fabricator X2' heralds a gastronomic revolution, bringing 3D printing to the forefront of mass cuisine. With the ability to produce whole-cut meat alternatives and customize products with unprecedented precision, this technology redefines the boundaries of culinary innovation. Dr. Robin Simsa's vision of changing the way society thinks about food is becoming a reality, as exclusive gourmet products find a place in everyday consumption. As Revo Foods paves the way for sustainable and flexible food production, the 'Food Fabricator X2' emerges not just as a technological marvel but as a catalyst for transformative change in the food industry.

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