Kraken's Subsea Cable Survey Triumph

Sub-Bottom Imager
Sub-Bottom ImagerImage Source: Kraken Robotics


Kraken Robotics, using its Sub-Bottom Imager™ (SBI), completed a cable burial survey along a 16-km export cable from Gode Wind 3 to Dolwin Kappa. The survey aimed for a 1.5-meter burial depth, marking areas needing further trenching. The precise SBI detects burial depths accurately, even while cables are powered, facilitating trenching coordination directly from the vessel.



Kraken Robotics recently achieved a significant milestone, conducting a comprehensive cable burial survey spanning a 16-kilometer export cable route from the Gode Wind 3 offshore substation to the Dolwin Kappa platform. This survey, undertaken on behalf of Asso.subsea, utilized Kraken’s cutting-edge Sub-Bottom Imager™ (SBI) technology.

Employing the MSV Astrea as its operational base, Kraken Robotics deployed the SBI system to meticulously map and determine the topography of the High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) export cable. The primary objective was to attain a burial depth of 1.5 meters while precisely identifying sections falling short of this benchmark.

Areas necessitating further trenching were precisely demarcated by Kraken’s team onboard, streamlining the subsequent trenching process. Noteworthy is the SBI's remarkable capacity to accurately detect burial depths beneath the sea floor, functioning seamlessly even during the cable's active power phase.

The Gode Wind 3 project, owned by Ørsted and Glennmont Partners, encompasses a 253 MW capacity and is strategically positioned within the German North Sea, approximately 32 kilometers northwest of Norderney Island, falling within Germany's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and cluster 3.

Concurrently, DolWin Kappa plays a pivotal role in the DolWin6 direct current link, amplifying the transmission of offshore wind energy from the German North Sea to the mainland. Commissioned by TenneT in September 2023, DolWin 6 will convert offshore-generated alternating current into direct current, transmitting it via a 45-kilometer subsea cable to Hilgenriedersiel on the mainland.


Kraken Robotics’ successful completion of the cable burial survey using the Sub-Bottom Imager™ underscores its prowess in cutting-edge subsea technology. The precise mapping and identification of cable burial depths signify a significant advancement in the seamless facilitation of offshore energy transmission, bolstering the efficiency and reliability of subsea infrastructure.

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