Lafarge's Epochal Impact on Canada's 3D Housing Odyssey

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Lafarge Canada, in collaboration with nidus3D, pioneers a groundbreaking venture in Canada's largest 3D-printed housing project, 'Kakatoosoyiists.' Situated in Alberta, the project addresses the acute housing challenges faced by the SikSika Nation, aiming to provide refuge for those fleeing domestic violence or homelessness. Lafarge's contribution of OneCem low-carbon cement, known for its reduced carbon footprint, aligns with the shared goal of sustainable construction practices, showcasing the potential of 3D printing to address Canada's housing crisis.


In a landmark collaboration, Lafarge Canada joins forces with nidus3D for the monumental 'Kakatoosoyiists' project, Canada's largest 3D-printed housing endeavor. Situated in Alberta, this transformative initiative aims to alleviate the housing challenges faced by the SikSika Nation, particularly individuals escaping domestic violence or homelessness. While nidus3D has previously executed successful 3D-printed housing projects in Ontario, this marks its pioneering foray into Alberta.

The four-building project, comprising a total of 16 units, is designed to be a haven for those in need. Acknowledging the acute housing challenges faced by Indigenous peoples, Lafarge's collaboration with nidus3D extends beyond innovation. The use of Lafarge's OneCem low-carbon cement is pivotal, offering a sustainable solution with a reduced carbon footprint. OneCem's unique composition, rich in limestone, translates into a remarkable 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional Portland cement, without compromising strength, durability, performance, or workability.

Brad Kohl, President and CEO of Lafarge Canada (West), emphasizes the project's broader significance. "This project is about helping address the critical housing needs of the nation and foster a resilient, inclusive future through sustainable construction practices," he states. nidus3D's president, Ian Arthur, expresses excitement about the venture, highlighting its potential to demonstrate the efficiency and savings of 3D construction printing in addressing Canada's housing crisis.

As construction progresses, this collaboration serves as a testament to the transformative power of expertise, shared resources, and a commitment to building not just structures but sustainable, supportive communities. The 'Kakatoosoyiists' project is slated for completion by March 31, 2024.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Lafarge Canada and nidus3D for the 'Kakatoosoyiists' project signifies a monumental stride in addressing Canada's housing challenges. By combining sustainable construction practices with innovative 3D printing technology, the project aims not only to provide housing but also to showcase the potential for a brighter, more inclusive future. Lafarge's commitment to reducing carbon footprints aligns with the broader goal of fostering resilient communities, making this venture a beacon of hope in the realm of sustainable housing solutions.

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