Nexa3D & EasyRx: Dental Revolution Unleashed

EasyRxImage Source: EasyRx


EasyRx partners with Nexa3D, merging cutting-edge 3D printing into dental workflows. This collaboration streamlines processes for dental labs and clinics, marking a significant leap in patient care. Through digital integration, manual tasks reduce, prioritizing quality care.


EasyRx, a pioneer in dental digital workflows, collaborates with Nexa3D, a leader in 3D printing for dentistry. This merger integrates Nexa3D's advanced printing tech into EasyRx's platform, enhancing efficiency and ease for dental practices and labs.

The collaboration between EasyRx and Nexa3D marks a transformative shift in dental care, combining digital excellence with cutting-edge printing technology. Todd Blankenbecler, EasyRx's General Manager, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, acknowledging its potential to redefine patient care through streamlined workflows.

Nexa3D's Vice President of Dental Sales in North America, Peter Wilkinson, echoes excitement, emphasizing the fusion of efficiency and elite experiences. This collaboration presents unprecedented opportunities for production within the digital ecosystem.

By incorporating Nexa3D's additive manufacturing technology into its workflow, EasyRx continues its quest to modernize dental prescription management. This integration aims to reduce manual tasks, enabling practitioners to focus more on providing exceptional patient care.


The collaboration between EasyRx and Nexa3D symbolizes a turning point in dental practices. Through digital integration and cutting-edge printing technology, they pave the way for enhanced efficiency and superior patient care, heralding a new era in dental workflows.

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