Pinnacle Fusion: AI-Infused Robotic Revolution

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In a groundbreaking alliance, Jacobi Robotics and Formic join forces to revolutionize automation. The partnership integrates Jacobi's AI-driven motion software with Formic's Robotics as a Service (RaaS) products. This collaboration aims to democratize access to advanced robotics, drastically reducing deployment time and enhancing efficiency for manufacturers.


In the realm of technological convergence, Jacobi Robotics and Formic have orchestrated a transformative collaboration. Jacobi, a trailblazer in AI-driven motion planning, unites with Formic, a leading Robotics as a Service (RaaS) provider, to usher in a new era of AI-powered robotics for manufacturers. The partnership's focal point is expediting the deployment of robotic palletizers, addressing the labor-intensive challenge of manual palletizing that plagues the manufacturing sector.

Traditionally, deploying robotic systems took weeks or months, presenting a significant barrier to adoption. However, Jacobi's revolutionary software platform, infused with AI-powered motion planning, shatters this barrier. The platform streamlines programming, achieving deployment times of less than one day – a monumental leap compared to the conventional month-long process. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also marks a 20% increase in robot productivity.

The collaboration's initial target is robotic palletizers, a crucial component of the manufacturing process, where the physically demanding task of manual palletizing has led to a surge in compensation claims. The partnership's impact is already evident, with a 20% boost in productivity and improvements in reliability witnessed in Formic's robotic solutions.

This technological synergy extends beyond mere palletizing, aiming to broaden its application to various manufacturing use cases in the near future. By bridging the gap between cost-prohibitive traditional robotic systems and the demand for advanced capabilities, Jacobi and Formic strive to make robotics accessible to a diverse spectrum of manufacturers.


The Jacobi-Formic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the democratization of robotics and automation. Saman Farid, Formic's CEO, expresses the significance of eliminating longstanding barriers, making robotics a practical choice for manufacturers of all sizes. Max Cao, Jacobi's CEO, emphasizes the game-changing nature of this collaboration, empowering engineers and system integrators with enhanced ease, flexibility, and scalability.

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