Pioneering Pact: Chemify & Prepaire's Opioid Odyssey"

ToxifreeImage Source: Prepaire


Chemify and Prepaire Labs unveil "Toxifree," a joint initiative combating the Opioid crisis. Leveraging Chemify's Chemputation and Prepaire's drug discovery platform, the project aims at digitally discovering non-addictive Opioids and addressing addiction directly. With a focus on FDA's call to develop treatments for stimulant use disorder, the program combines breakthrough chemistry and open collaboration for a comprehensive healthcare response.


Chemify and Prepaire Labs extend their collaboration to launch "Toxifree," a novel program dedicated to combatting the ongoing Opioid crisis. This joint initiative merges Chemify's breakthrough programmable chemistry platform and Prepaire's integrated open collaboration drug discovery platform to digitally discover a new class of non-addictive Opioids for pain modulation. The project responds to the FDA's appeal for innovative solutions to address stimulant use disorder and fills a crucial gap in the response to the addiction crisis.

Building upon a successful initial partnership, Chemify and Prepaire now seek to harness the potential of Chemify's Chemputation technology. This technology facilitates the automated design, discovery, and synthesis of complex molecules on demand using a chemical programming language. Collaborating with Prepaire's advanced open-architecture drug development platform, the aim is to create a fully integrated, digitally driven drug discovery approach.

Under the terms of the partnership, Chemify will design and discover novel compounds to identify Opioid-derived hits and further develop them into candidates. The agreement includes substantial financial support, with Chemify receiving at least $30 million in payments, along with success-driven clinical and regulatory milestones, and royalties on resulting products.

Professor Lee Cronin, Chemify's Founder and CEO, expressed excitement about breaking new ground in pain modulation discovery. Utilizing Chemify's unique design approach guided by Chemputation, the collaboration aims to address the global need for better and non-addictive pain medication.

Dr. Vicent Ribas, Prepaire’s Co-Founder, highlighted the integration of Chemify's chemical space exploration approach with Prepaire's discovery platform. This integration aims not only to access novel chemical matter for pain modulators but also to explore indications beyond, addressing the lack of approved treatments for opioid addiction.

As the opioid crisis continues, the partnership's goal is to create a digitally driven drug discovery approach that revolutionizes the pharmaceutical landscape. By combining chemistry, technology, and open collaboration, Chemify and Prepaire aim to contribute significantly to developing innovative solutions for pain modulation and opioid addiction.


In conclusion, the partnership between Chemify and Prepaire Labs takes a bold step forward with the launch of the "Toxifree" program. This joint initiative signifies a commitment to addressing the ongoing Opioid crisis by digitally discovering non-addictive Opioids for pain modulation and directly combating addiction. By integrating Chemify's Chemputation technology and Prepaire's open collaboration drug discovery platform, the program aims to revolutionize the pharmaceutical landscape.

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