Revolutionizing Agriculture: Solinftec's US Expansion

Solinftec, an AI leader in sustainable agriculture, bolstered its US footprint by partnering with WHIN and expanding manufacturing via Still Waters
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Solinftec, an AI leader in sustainable agriculture, bolstered its US footprint by partnering with WHIN and expanding manufacturing via Still Waters Manufacturing in Indiana. The collaboration aims to enhance robotic technology accessibility, slashing herbicide usage by up to 97% in the American Midwest.



Solinftec's strategic collaboration with WHIN and Still Waters Manufacturing marks a monumental leap in agricultural innovation. The partnership not only strengthens Solinftec's presence in the US but also aims to democratize advanced robotic technology for American farmers, heralding a substantial reduction in herbicide use and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

The collaboration emphasizes the crucial role of collective effort, as highlighted by Johnny Park, WHIN's CEO, acknowledging the shared commitment to regional innovation and progress in the agricultural sector.

The manufacturing facility, operating within the WHIN region of Indiana, boasts a capacity to produce up to 20 Solix robots per day. Jake Church, CEO of Still Waters Manufacturing, accentuates the historic significance of this venture, transforming a former school into a hub of futuristic agricultural advancements. Solinftec's substantial investment of over $2 million fortifies this venture for sustainable growth over the next harvest cycles.

Church envisions this as a pivotal moment in rewriting history, fostering innovation in an area deeply rooted in agriculture. He emphasizes the transformative potential of this venture, affirming the alignment of past traditions with future advancements in agriculture, echoing the sentiment, "If you want to know the future, go build it."

Notably, the initiative emphasizes community involvement, with Still Waters Manufacturing sourcing its workforce predominantly from the local agricultural region. Guilherme Guiné, Solinftec's Chief Operations Officer for North America, underscores the collaborative spirit of the project, uniting the community toward agricultural innovation through technology.

Solinftec's innovative solutions, exemplified by the Solix robot, have already showcased remarkable results, reducing herbicide volume by up to 97% on US properties. The adaptation of these solutions to suit the American Midwest, facilitated by the collaborative efforts of the three companies, promises a significant transformation in agricultural practices.


Solinftec's partnership with WHIN and Still Waters Manufacturing stands as a beacon of innovation in US agriculture. This collaboration not only demonstrates a commitment to technological advancement but also signifies a pivotal step toward sustainable and efficient farming practices in the American heartland.

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