Revolutionizing Steps: Moonwalkers X Unveiled

Shift Robotics introduces Moonwalkers X at CES 2024, featuring lighter weight and enhanced control systems for
Moonwalkers X
Moonwalkers XImage Source: Shift Robotics


Shift Robotics introduces Moonwalkers X at CES 2024, featuring lighter weight and enhanced control systems for superior safety and agility in confined spaces. Tailored for commercial use, especially in high-walk environments like warehouses, these shoes optimize employee productivity. Early orders available at CES 2024; clients report doubling productivity and significant time savings.


Shift Robotics is set to unveil its latest innovation, the Moonwalkers X, at CES 2024. These futuristic robotic shoes boast a remarkable reduction in weight, shedding one pound per shoe. The company also revamped its control system, enhancing safety and maneuverability, particularly in tight spaces, while concurrently improving shock absorption.

The Moonwalkers X iteration has undergone modifications to accommodate smaller shoe sizes, specifically targeting business and commercial utilization. Ideal for professions demanding extensive on-foot activity, such as in distribution, logistics, and warehouse settings, where employees may clock up to 30,000 steps daily.

Scheduled for shipping in the first half of 2024, the pricing for the Moonwalkers X will be disclosed upon their release. Shift Robotics has allocated a limited quantity of these innovative shoes for companies seeking priority access, offering a CES 2024 Show Special.

Shift Robotics cites its clients' experiences, noting that warehouse workers wearing Moonwalkers have doubled their productivity. Remarkably, one of the company's clients foresees Moonwalkers-wearing employees saving nearly 400 hours annually in Travel Time within their facilities.


The advent of Moonwalkers X signifies a leap in innovative footwear technology, promising enhanced productivity and time savings for professionals navigating high-step work environments. The CES 2024 launch anticipates a transformative shift in commercial footwear, elevating efficiency and comfort in demanding work settings.

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