RightPick™ 4 Unleashed: The Robotic Warehouse Maestro

RightHand Robotics
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RightHand Robotics introduces the RightPick™ 4, a groundbreaking autonomous piece-picking system revolutionizing warehouse order fulfillment. With advanced AI algorithms, upgraded sensors, and redesigned hardware, it handles items 25% larger and 50% heavier, significantly reducing human intervention. The system's enhanced gripping strategies, improved grasp, and suction seal quality detection enable autonomous picking for various market verticals. Leveraging over eight years of operational data, RightPick™ 4 learns and adapts continuously. The system promises increased reliability, autonomy, and serviceability, meeting the growing demand for rapid and precise order fulfillment.


RightHand Robotics, a trailblazer in data-driven, autonomous robotic picking solutions, unveils its magnum opus, the RightPick™ 4 system. This next-generation piece-picking marvel is poised to redefine the landscape of warehouse order fulfillment, setting new standards in autonomy and reliability.

The RightPick 4 system boasts an array of upgrades, including advanced AI-based software algorithms, a revamped sensor suite, and redesigned hardware. These innovations collectively expand its picking range, enhance item handling capacity, and elevate overall system autonomy. With refined picking and grasping techniques, RightPick 4 maximizes reliability, enabling swift integration through novel approaches in both software and hardware.

Brendon Bielat, VP of Product & Marketing, highlights the system's significance in addressing challenges faced by retailers, particularly in coping with the escalating demand for rapid and accurate order fulfillment amidst ongoing labor challenges. The RightPick 4 system emerges as a beacon of hope, offering increased autonomy, reliability, and serviceability.

The development of the RightPick 4 system is grounded in a wealth of operational data, exceeding a petabyte, gathered over eight years. This vast dataset, derived from picking tens of millions of items globally, serves as the bedrock for creating a smarter and more robust solution for real-world fulfillment challenges. The system's ability to reduce the need for human intervention is a testament to its advanced gripping strategies, ensuring efficient picking and placing, even for previously unseen items.

RightHand Robotics' commitment to continuous learning and improvement is evident through the RightPick™ AI. This AI-driven system constantly evolves, expanding the range of items it can successfully pick. The applications extend across market verticals, including general merchandise, office supplies, apparel, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and 3PLs.

Brian Owen, President & CEO, expresses excitement about the collaboration with customers and partners in bringing forth the RightPick 4. Emphasizing reliability and autonomy, the system empowers customers to increase operational capacity without being hampered by labor volatility. In the post-pandemic logistics landscape, the RightPick 4 system emerges as a competitive advantage with a quick time-to-value, attracting not just early adopters but a broader audience recognizing the necessity of robotic piece-picking.


The unveiling of the RightPick™ 4 system marks a significant milestone in the realm of autonomous robotic piece-picking for warehouse order fulfillment. With its advanced capabilities, including enhanced AI, upgraded sensors, and redesigned hardware, the system promises increased reliability, autonomy, and serviceability. RightHand Robotics, through its continuous learning approach powered by RightPick™ AI, positions the RightPick 4 system as a competitive advantage in the evolving landscape of post-pandemic logistics. As it reduces the need for human intervention and adapts to various market verticals, this next-generation piece-picking marvel is set to redefine efficiency and innovation in warehouse operations.

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