Synthesizing Excellence: Accenture & Mujin's Robotic Symphony

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Accenture and Mujin, pioneers in digital engineering and intelligent robotics, join forces to birth Accenture Alpha Automation. This strategic venture fuses Mujin's industrial robotics prowess with Accenture's digital engineering acumen, forming a dynamic partnership. Accenture Alpha Automation aims to revolutionize automation by seamlessly integrating operational data from manufacturing and logistics sites with comprehensive business management data. The synergy between Accenture and Mujin endeavors to empower companies with data-driven solutions, facilitating swift and informed decision-making, and catalyzing the hyper-automation of manufacturing and logistics processes.


In a pivotal collaboration, Accenture and Mujin have embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in logistics. Their brainchild, Accenture Alpha Automation, signifies a strategic joint venture aimed at catapulting companies into the era of data-driven automation.

Mujin, renowned for its leadership in intelligent robotics across manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain operations, brings its wealth of experience to the table. Accenture, a global powerhouse in digital engineering and manufacturing services under Industry X, complements Mujin's expertise, giving birth to a formidable force in the realm of automation.

The primary goal of Accenture Alpha Automation is to bridge the gap between previously isolated operational data and overarching business management data. By harmonizing these disparate elements, the joint venture seeks to provide clients with a holistic view of their supply chain status, financial data, and market insights. This integration aims to accelerate decision-making processes and usher in an era of hyper-automation.

Atsushi Egawa, leading Accenture's business in Japan, emphasizes the pivotal role of manufacturing in Japan's industrial landscape. The collaboration with Mujin, a leader in robotics technology, is envisioned to harness the power of AI and robotics to transform data connectivity across the manufacturing and logistics value chain. This transformation is poised to contribute significantly to Japan's data-driven evolution in crucial manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Mujin's CEO, Issei Takino, articulates the broader mission — to make industrial robots intelligent and user-friendly, enhancing productivity and quality in an aging society. The joint venture, an extension of their existing agreement, is set to leverage Mujin's robot automation technology for a paradigm shift in the manufacturing and logistics industry. The ultimate objective is to deliver newfound value to customers, starting in Japan and extending globally.

Accenture's commitment to Mujin goes beyond the joint venture, as it makes a direct investment through Accenture Ventures. This move marks Accenture's inaugural Project Spotlight investment in Asia, solidifying its engagement and investment program focused on disruptive enterprise technologies.


The collaborative efforts of Accenture and Mujin through Accenture Alpha Automation signify a groundbreaking leap towards data-driven automation. This partnership, rooted in Accenture's digital engineering prowess and Mujin's robotics leadership, aspires to redefine the manufacturing and logistics landscape. The integration of operational and business data aims to empower businesses, driving a paradigm shift and ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

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