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The Human Touch Robotics, based in Oslo, secures a 20 million NOK seed round investment from ProVenture and Voima Ventures. Their innovative robotic solutions—Dexter, Deep-eye, and Noyce—aim to transform online grocery packing. Dexter's adaptive gripper, Deep-eye's AI computer vision, and Noyce's intelligent path planning form a triad of innovation. The funding will refine technology, reach market readiness, and expand globally, with pilot programs in Oslo, Stockholm, Utrecht, Brussels, and San Francisco.



In a groundbreaking move, The Human Touch Robotics (ThT Robotics) has successfully secured a 20 million NOK seed round investment from leading venture capital firms ProVenture and Voima Ventures. This strategic funding marks a significant leap for the Oslo-based company as it endeavors to revolutionize the online grocery sector with cutting-edge robotic solutions.

As online grocery shopping continues to surge, challenges in efficient and cost-effective automation of the packing process have become evident. ThT Robotics aims to address this challenge by introducing a revolutionary robotic cell designed for pick and pack operations.

At the core of ThT Robotics' solution are three key components—Dexter, the Adaptive Gripper; Deep-eye, AI Computer Vision; and Noyce, Intelligent Path Planning. Dexter's adaptability allows it to handle a diverse range of food items delicately. Deep-eye, the AI computer vision software, enhances the robot's perception for efficient item picking, while Noyce serves as the brain behind intelligent path planning in dynamic warehouse environments.

The successful seed round investment led by ProVenture and Voima Ventures signifies their confidence in ThT Robotics' innovative approach. The funds will be instrumental in refining technology, achieving market readiness, expanding market reach, and scaling up production.

ThT Robotics plans to pilot its robotic cells in Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Utrecht (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), and San Francisco (USA). This global initiative aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of their robotic solutions in diverse online grocery environments.

Katharina R. Asting, the newly appointed Chairperson of ThT Robotics, expresses excitement about collaborating with the exceptional team. The infusion of capital from esteemed investors ProVenture and Voima Ventures is crucial for taking ThT Robotics to the next level. Asting emphasizes leveraging the investors' expertise and expansive network in nurturing tech startups.

Andrija Milojevic, Founder and CEO of ThT Robotics, highlights the uniqueness of their technology stack, starting from an adaptive gripper to AI perception and path planning. He acknowledges the challenge in automating the diverse range of items in online grocery packing and expresses excitement about setting a new standard with the support of ProVenture and Voima Ventures.


The Human Touch Robotics' successful seed round investment not only underscores investor confidence in their innovative robotic solutions but also positions the company at the forefront of transforming online grocery packing. With Dexter, Deep-eye, and Noyce, ThT Robotics pioneers a paradigm shift in robotics, promising increased automation and efficiency. The global pilot programs and the newly appointed board chair signal a promising future for the company as it strives to make online grocery shopping a seamless experience through advanced robotics.

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