YUKA: MAMMOTION Unveils Intelligent Robotic Lawn Artistry

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MAMMOTION introduces YUKA, a groundbreaking 3D vision robotic lawn mower with self-emptying capabilities and lawn imagery printing. Beyond traditional mowers, YUKA autonomously navigates, creatively prints designs on the grass, and features a revolutionary self-emptying sweeper. Using AI-powered technology, it identifies obstacles, ensuring safety during operation. With wireless coverage, multi-zone management, and smart home integration, YUKA sets a new standard for convenient and artistic lawn care. Pre-orders for YUKA open on Kickstarter in late January 2024.


In a leap towards redefining lawn care, MAMMOTION unveils YUKA, an intelligent 3D vision robotic lawn mower designed to elevate outdoor maintenance for small and mid-sized properties. This advanced solution combines mowing and sweeping, introducing innovative features that make it stand out in the world of intelligent lawn care.

YUKA introduces the world's first self-emptying lawn sweeper, efficiently managing leaves, twigs, debris, and grass clippings. The mower autonomously navigates to a designated spot for leaf dumping before resuming its session, ensuring uninterrupted lawn care.

Utilizing 3D vision and an enhanced RTK dual system, YUKA eliminates the need for perimeter wires. It autonomously maps and navigates, providing full yard coverage even in challenging conditions such as beneath trees or near tall buildings, and along narrow fences where traditional GPS might falter.

YUKA goes beyond functional lawn care; it introduces AI-powered lawn printing technology. With a simple app click, users can customize designs, emblems, and decorations on their grass, turning the lawn into a canvas for artistic expression.

YUKA prioritizes safety with object identification and avoidance using 3D visual deep learning. It can identify and evade obstacles as small as 1 inch while mowing, ensuring the safety of children and small animals. The mower's threefold cutting efficiency boost, featuring a 320mm dual cutting disc, 30-100mm cutting height, and smart route planning, surpasses traditional robotic mowers.

The MAMMOTION App allows for multi-zone management, enabling users to set different schedules and cutting modes for each zone. This feature provides control from anywhere, enhancing the flexibility and customization of lawn care.

YUKA brings peace of mind with smart home voice control, rain detection, auto-charging, 4G GPS tracking, and 100% solar-powered RTK. These features not only enhance the user experience but also contribute to an eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle.

Jidong Wei, CEO of MAMMOTION, expresses the profound impact of YUKA on homeowners, offering them weekends free from the hassles of lawn care. YUKA is set to be available for pre-order on Kickstarter in late January 2024, providing users an opportunity to embrace this intelligent, artistic, and efficient lawn care solution.


YUKA from MAMMOTION emerges as a game-changer in the world of robotic lawn care, introducing a blend of intelligence, efficiency, and artistic expression. With its innovative features and commitment to simplifying lawn maintenance, YUKA promises not only convenience but also the opportunity for users to transform their lawns into canvases for creative expression.

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