Delo Group & Russian Railways to Cooperate in Rail Transportation

On the 22nd of October 2020 on the sidelines of the international transport and logistics forum PRO // Dvizhenie1520 Delo Group and JSC Russian
Delo Group & Russian Railways to Cooperate in Rail Transportation
Delo Group Russian Railways

Railways signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the Organization of Railway Container Transportation. The document provides for long-term cooperation between the monopoly and the largest transport and logistics holding with the aim of developing rail container traffic and ensuring the global competitiveness of the Russian transport system, increasing the volume of rail container traffic, including transit, developing the infrastructure and security of container traffic, increasing the digitalization of the industry and improving the quality of customer service.

The agreement assumes cooperation between the parties in the implementation of the Long-term Development Program of JSC Russian Railways until 2025, taking into account the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030.

The companies will carry out coordinated work in the international container market to promote Russian transport services and increase loyalty to rail container transportation throughout the 1520 network.

The Agreement we signed with Oleg Valentinovich Belozerov will allow for better coordinated work to promote Russian services on international platforms, which, ultimately, will have a beneficial effect on the further growth of the Russian economy.

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