MV Evergiven Remains Wedged Blocking Suez Canal
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MV Evergiven Remains Wedged Blocking Suez Canal

Giant container ship MV Ever Given remains stuck across Egypt's Suez Canal after attempts to dislodge it on Saturday's high tide failed. On Saturday about

Giant container ship MV Ever Given remains stuck across Egypt's Suez Canal after attempts to dislodge it on Saturday's high tide failed. On Saturday about 20,000 tonnes of sand was dredged, and 14 tugboats pulled and pushed the Ever Given in order to try to dislodge it. Although strong tides and winds complicated efforts to free the ship, the tugboats managed to move it 30 degrees in two directions. Canal officials said however that some progress had been made, and that they hoped the ship could be afloat again by Sunday evening. Suez Canal Authority Chairman General Osama Rabie said that water had started running underneath the vessel. He said "We expect that at any time the ship could slide and move from the spot it is in. If digging the sand away and pulling the ship with tugs fails to move it, teams might have to remove some containers.”

Mr Rabie also said that “Weather conditions were not the main reasons for the ship's grounding. There may have been technical or human errors. All of these factors will become apparent in the investigation."

400 meter log & 59 meter wide 219079 DWT MS Ever Given with carrying capacity of 20000 TEU is operated by the Taiwanese firm Evergreen Marine and owned by Shoei Kisen of Japan. The ship is currently deployed on a Far East-Europe service route.

Evergreen Marine Corp. received a notice from the owner of EVER GIVEN that the chartered vessel ran aground in the Suez Canal at around 8 am local time on March 23. This accident occurred at 6 nautical miles from the southern entry of the Canal as the container ship proceeded northbound through the waterway from the Red Sea. Gusting winds of 30 knots caused the container ship to deviate from its course, suspectcdly leading to the grounding. Evergreen has urged the shipowner to investigate the cause of this accident, and work closely with Suez Canal Authority and related agencies to refloat the stranded ship as soon as possible. The shipowner has appointed two maritime professional rescue teams from the Netherlands Smit Salvage and Japan Nippon Salvage to attend the ship. These teams will be working with the Captain and the Suez Canal Authority to design a more effective plan for refloating the vessel as soon as possible.

About 12% of global trade passes through the 193 kilometer canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and provides the shortest sea link between Asia and Europe. Suez Canal blockage since March 23 is affecting India's shipping lines. As there are 200 vessels stuck in the north and south side of the canal, the number at the current rate is likely to go up to 350 in the next few days. Among the vessels held up by the Ever Given’s grounding in Suez Canal are at least 20 ships carrying livestock, raising concerns about the animals’ welfare as the blockage is likely to take weeks to clear up.

An alternative route, around the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa, can take two weeks longer.

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