Search Minerals Outlines 2 Deposits at Meadow CREE in Se Labrador

Search Minerals Inc has reported 2020 channel assay results from FOX MEADOW, a major mineralized zone in the Port Hope Simpson St Lewis Critical Rare Earth
Search Minerals Outlines 2 Deposits at Meadow CREE in Se Labrador
Search Minerals Fox Meadow CREE

Element District. Trenching/channelling (four new channels in 2020), a UAV magnetic survey (2019) and mapping/prospecting outline two mineralized zones on the surface at FOX MEADOW: the NW zone is up to 175m wide and SE zone is up to 116m wide. Combined, the mineralization is at least 790m long. This combined surface expression is significantly longer and wider than the surface expressions of the nearby and related FOXTROT and DEEP FOX Resources. The FOX MEADOW mineralization is similarly hosted by peralkaline volcanic rocks and exhibit similar grades of the REE magnet materials (Nd, Pr, Tb and Dy) as FOXTROT and DEEP FOX.


Channel assay highlights (all true widths):

FMC-20-01(NW): 11,933 ppm Zr, 237 ppm Dy, 1,443 ppm Nd, 267 ppm Hf, over 8.17m;

FMC-20-03 (SE): 12,157 ppm Zr, 208 ppm Dy, 1,165 ppm Nd, 269 ppm Hf over 16.17m;

FMC-20-04 (NW): 17,378 ppm Zr, 259 ppm Dy, 1,552 ppm Nd, 372 ppm Hf over 8.91m;

Current channel program indicates that the NW mineralized zone is at least 175m wide and 425m long, and, the SE mineralized zone is at least 116m wide and 365m long; 790m combined length;

FOX MEADOW combined (NW and SE zones) surface extent is much greater than the FOXTROT and DEEP FOX surface extents - 350-450 m long and up to 40m thick;

Expanded 2021 channeling/trenching and/or drilling program needed to sample the extended length and width indicated in the 2020 exploration program;

The 2020 exploration program was carried out with no positive Covid-19 cases.

Greg Andrews, President/CEO states; “We are very excited about the results from our recent 2020 exploration at FOX MEADOW. The surface expression of FOX MEADOW is up to 175m wide, compared to our FOXTROT and DEEP FOX which are up to 40m wide. We plan a drill program in 2021, to explore for mineralization at depth in hopes of producing a third resource in the District. These are the final results from our very successful 2020 exploration program.”

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