Alstom's Trailblazing Trams Transform Lille

Alstom secures a €124 million contract with the Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL) to supply 30 innovative Citadis trams for
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Alstom secures a €124 million contract with the Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL) to supply 30 innovative Citadis trams for Line R and Line T in Lille. These cutting-edge trams, with enhanced accessibility, energy efficiency, and eco-design, aim to revolutionize public transit while meeting PMR legislation standards.



Alstom, a frontrunner in pioneering transit solutions, has clinched a pivotal €124 million contract with the Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL) to introduce 30 advanced Citadis trams for Line R and Line T of Lille's tramway network. This transformative project aims to modernize the historic 'Mongy' line, connecting Lille, Roubaix, and Tourcoing, promising a new era of transit excellence.

The initial order includes 24 Citadis trams, with a provision for an additional 6, scheduled for delivery in early 2026 and slated for operational service by mid-2026.

MEL's new trams, designed by Alstom, boast a length of 32.40 meters, a width of 2.40 meters, and a metric gauge. These trams prioritize passenger ease with 4 double doors on each side, ensuring seamless boarding and disembarking for the estimated 196 passengers.

Compliant with Persons with Reduced Mobility (PMR) legislation, these trams integrate accessibility features such as aptly positioned door opening buttons, wider seats, and dedicated spaces for wheelchair users and pushchairs, ensuring inclusivity and convenience for all commuters.

Ensuring passenger comfort and safety, the Citadis trams offer air-conditioning, dynamic passenger information systems, and a video protection system, facilitating an informed and secure journey.

These trams set a new benchmark for energy efficiency, incorporating novel motorization, optimized temperature control, and 100% LED lighting. Their eco-design ensures 95% recyclability and 99% reusability, championing environmental sustainability.

Alstom's meticulous planning guarantees optimal tram availability. Reduced spare part references, enhanced component accessibility, and integrated sensors for remote equipment diagnosis minimize downtime, ensuring maximum operational efficiency for the operator.

Alstom's key French sites contribute significantly to the production of these Citadis trams, showcasing the collaboration between sites in La Rochelle, Villeurbanne, and Aix-en-Provence.

With over 3,200 Citadis trams sold globally across 70 cities in 20 countries (including 26 cities in France), Alstom continues its legacy of innovative transit solutions, aiming to enhance comfort, efficiency, and sustainability in public transport.


Alstom's partnership with Métropole Européenne de Lille to introduce the Citadis trams signifies a transformative step in modernizing Lille's tramway network. These advanced trams, designed for comfort, accessibility, and sustainability, are poised to revolutionize transit in Lille, setting a new standard for excellence in public transport.

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