AlUla's Record Tram: Battery Revolution

French engineering giant Alstom seals a deal with Saudi Arabia's AlUla city to erect the world's lengthiest battery-
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French engineering giant Alstom seals a deal with Saudi Arabia's AlUla city to erect the world's lengthiest battery-powered tramway spanning 22km with 17 stations. Set to connect historic districts, it integrates cutting-edge technology, including Alstom's Citadis trams and innovative charging systems, offering an eco-friendly transport solution.



French engineering heavyweight Alstom has inked a groundbreaking agreement with AlUla city in Saudi Arabia to craft the globe's most extensive battery-operated tram system. Named the AlUla Experiential Tramway, this revolutionary project will span an impressive 22km, servicing 17 stations.

This monumental tramway aims to interlink five cherished historical districts within the ancient oasis city, nestled along the stunning Red Sea coast in Medina province, Saudi Arabia. Alstom's contribution encompasses the deployment of 20 Citadis trams, each outfitted with cutting-edge Mitrac B batteries. Moreover, the project integrates an advanced ground-based static charging infrastructure, a pivotal innovation in the tram's operational efficiency.

The comprehensive development will be executed on a turnkey basis, encompassing critical aspects like power supply, signaling and communication systems, and depot infrastructure. Alstom's initiative involves leveraging expertise from nine of its sites in France to ensure the seamless realization of this ambitious venture.

Beyond construction, Alstom commits to a decade-long maintenance pact, ensuring the tram's sustained operation. Utilizing Alstom's HealthHub tool for predictive maintenance and fleet management, the company plans to ensure the tram's optimal functionality. Additionally, training programs for tram technicians and service staff underline their dedication to proficiency and service quality.

While details regarding the project's timeline and estimated expenses remain undisclosed, the focus on holistic solutions underscores Alstom's commitment to pioneering sustainable and advanced transport systems.


Alstom's partnership with AlUla in developing the world's lengthiest battery-operated tram system marks a significant leap in eco-friendly urban transportation. This futuristic project showcases Alstom's innovation prowess and dedication to pioneering sustainable mobility solutions. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to long-term service, this endeavor signals a transformative step towards environmentally conscious and efficient transportation.

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