Antolin Illuminates Safer Night Drives



Antolin pioneers NightSight Assist, an innovative lighting system enhancing driver vision for safer night driving. The system optimizes the driver's pupil diameter, reducing headlight glare, improving shape perception in low visibility, and enhancing road signal interpretation. Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Ophthalmology and the University of Valladolid, the system, integrated into the sunvisor, significantly improves visual acuity and comfort during night drives. This breakthrough project, co-financed by the Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial, addresses mobility challenges, promotes road safety, and aligns with future social needs.


In the pursuit of a smarter, safer, and more comfortable vehicle interior, Antolin unveils its groundbreaking NightSight Assist project—a transformative lighting system designed to optimize driver vision for safer night driving experiences.

Antolin's strategic focus on innovative technology solutions led to the exploration of lighting as a versatile and intelligent system capable of interacting with various interior functions. NightSight Assist, the latest pioneering development, emerges as a solution to inhibit adverse effects caused by low-light conditions and enhance the driver's vision.

The NightSight Assist system addresses critical issues faced during night driving. It empowers users to reduce headlight glare, better perceive shapes in low visibility scenarios (such as detecting animals on the road), interpret road signals more effectively, and minimize distorted vision.

Collaborating with the Institute of Applied Ophthalmology (IOBA) and the University of Valladolid (UVa), Antolin developed this innovative system in response to the alarming statistics surrounding nighttime accidents. Despite reduced traffic at night, over half of fatal accidents occur during this period. To comprehensively study and mitigate visual impairment during night driving, Antolin, IOBA, and UVa constructed a state-of-the-art simulator. The positive results from the tests demonstrate the system's potential to exponentially improve visual acuity and comfort for users during night drives.

The NightSight Assist system can be seamlessly integrated into the sunvisor, offering an optimal ergonomic location without compromising its adaptability to other interior products when folded. The device settings are configurable, catering to individual conditions such as age and ocular pathologies, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

This collaborative venture between industry and academia underscores Antolin's commitment to addressing mobility and visual health challenges with advanced, research-based solutions. The unique collaboration not only contributes significantly to reducing the risk of traffic accidents but also enhances driver comfort during night-time settings, promoting more inclusive mobility for an aging population.

Moreover, the project aligns with social interest, as evidenced by its co-financing by the Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial (ICE). By advancing road safety and improving driver well-being, Antolin's NightSight Assist project resonates with the evolving needs of society, offering a safer and more comfortable driving experience for all.


Antolin's NightSight Assist project illuminates a path towards safer night drives, addressing critical challenges in road safety and driver comfort during low-light conditions. The innovative lighting system, developed in collaboration with renowned academic institutions, demonstrates a commitment to advanced solutions that significantly impact mobility and visual health. By seamlessly integrating technology into the sunvisor and offering configurable settings, NightSight Assist emerges as a pioneering solution, contributing to a safer and more inclusive driving experience. Co-financed with social interest, this project aligns with the future challenges of mobility, promoting road safety and well-being for all.

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