Aptera's Solar Symphony: CTNS Powers EV Revolution

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Aptera Motors takes a monumental step towards scalable production of its solar electric vehicle by forming a strategic alliance with CTNS. This collaboration aims to build Aptera's battery pack program, explore energy solutions, and establish a joint venture subsidiary. CTNS, a battery innovation expert, will be the tier-1 supplier, bringing its prowess to design and manufacture high-quality, energy-efficient battery packs in Carlsbad, CA. The partnership, backed by the California Energy Commission, accelerates Aptera's timeline, reducing risks and costs while supporting the state's green initiatives.


In a transformative move towards sustainable transportation, Aptera Motors, the pioneering force in solar electric vehicles (EVs), has forged a strategic alliance with CTNS, a leading expert in battery innovation technology. The partnership, solidified through multiple agreements, sets the stage for a collaborative journey to propel Aptera's ambitious goal of scaled production of its revolutionary solar EV.

Through this strategic alliance, Aptera and CTNS establish a formal business relationship that extends beyond building battery packs. The collaboration envisions joint ventures, exploring diverse energy solutions, and creating revenue streams that transcend conventional boundaries. At the core of this partnership lies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and driving positive change in the transportation, maritime, and aerospace industries.

CTNS, renowned for its vertical integration in battery technology, specializes in the development, manufacturing, and management of battery packs for various industries, including robotics, electric vehicles, and air mobility. As Aptera's tier-1 battery supplier and manufacturer, CTNS brings its extensive expertise to the U.S., supporting Aptera in designing, building, and validating a top-tier battery pack program. This program is not only expected to be high-quality and energy-efficient but also a crucial component for Aptera's solar EV, boasting an impressive 400-mile range, with an additional 40 miles per day from solar energy.

The collaboration doesn't merely focus on manufacturing; it addresses challenges such as final battery pack validation, including UN and IEC certification. CTNS's involvement significantly accelerates Aptera's timeline, enabling a quicker realization of its solar electric vehicle program. Chris Anthony, Co-CEO of Aptera, highlights the alliance's strategic benefits, emphasizing the reduction of risks and overall costs associated with the solar EV initiative.

CTNS, headquartered in Changwon, Korea, has established itself as a major battery pack supplier for the robotics industry in South Korea. The company's end-to-end development and manufacturing capabilities have made it a key player for leading companies, including HL Mando, Hyundai Robotics, and SK E&S.

The collaboration between Aptera and CTNS is not only a result of their shared vision for innovation but is also made possible through the support of the State of California. A grant awarded by the California Energy Commission's Clean Transportation Program played a pivotal role, enabling the acceleration of critical components for Aptera's zero-emission vehicle. Steve Fambro, Co-CEO of Aptera Motors, expresses gratitude for the support received, recognizing the broader impact on employment opportunities and greenhouse gas emissions reduction in California.

The master supply and investment agreements, inked in late 2023, represent a significant milestone, laying the groundwork for a more extensive partnership. An MOU signed previously outlines the establishment of a joint venture company dedicated to Aptera's battery pack program and other energy solutions. As part of the collaboration, CTNS will contribute $5 million to Aptera, supporting the joint venture company's efforts and Aptera's battery manufacturing endeavors.

The collaboration is underpinned by a shared commitment to driving change in mobility, fostering innovation in energy technology, and producing the most efficient solar electric vehicle globally. The partnership aligns with Aptera's mission to create a sustainable world through environmentally friendly energy technology.


Aptera's strategic alliance with CTNS marks a significant leap forward in the realization of its solar electric vehicle dreams. The collaboration, backed by the California Energy Commission, not only accelerates the production timeline but also reduces risks and costs associated with Aptera's groundbreaking solar EV program. With CTNS as the tier-1 battery supplier, Aptera is poised to achieve new heights in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient, high-quality battery packs. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in driving sustainability and positive change in the transportation landscape.

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