Arriva's Decadal Dance: Sustaining West Brabant's Transit Triumph


Arriva triumphs with a 10-year contract renewal in the Netherlands' West Brabant region. The competitive tender win promises continuity for passengers and employees. Arriva's winning bid focuses on a futuristic transport network, introducing a fleet of 200+ zero-emission electric buses. The upgraded timetable brings direct routes, enhancing passenger comfort. With plans for an entirely emission-free fleet by 2030, Arriva showcases commitment to sustainability. The contract, effective from July 2025, secures Arriva's legacy in West Brabant.


In a resounding victory, Arriva secures a 10-year contract renewal to serve the West Brabant region in the Netherlands. Following an intense competitive tender process, Arriva's success ensures continuity for both passengers and employees, solidifying its position as a leading transit provider.

Central to Arriva's winning bid is the promise of a forward-looking and resilient transport network. The company plans to revolutionize the commuting experience by introducing a fleet of over 200 zero-emission electric buses. This marks a significant leap towards sustainable and eco-friendly public transportation.

One of the key highlights of Arriva's proposal is the implementation of a more extensive timetable. Passengers can anticipate more direct bus route services, eliminating the need for transfers between different buses to reach their final destination. This strategic enhancement aims to streamline travel, making it more efficient and convenient for commuters.

The new fleet of electric buses, set to hit the roads from July 2025, brings not only environmental benefits but also a boost in passenger comfort. Each vehicle will be equipped with state-of-the-art information technology, ensuring clear and timely updates for travelers. The interiors, crafted from circular materials, promise a comfortable and sustainable journey for passengers.

Arriva's commitment to sustainability goes beyond the immediate future. The company envisions its entire fleet operating in West Brabant to be emission-free by 2030, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

Anne Hettinga, Managing Director of Arriva Netherlands, expresses pride in securing this crucial contract extension. He emphasizes Arriva's dedication to serving the communities of West Brabant with high-quality and sustainable transportation solutions. With international expertise in various forms of transportation, Arriva looks forward to collaborating with local authorities to further develop public transport in the region.

Notably, Arriva's innovative approach extends beyond traditional transit services. In the Netherlands, passengers have access to Arriva's Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform, known as "glimble by Arriva." This comprehensive offering connects travelers across the country with various modes of transport, enabling them to research, book, and pay for multi-modal interconnected travel. With over 300,000 users since its introduction in 2021, "glimble" exemplifies Arriva's commitment to modernizing and simplifying the travel experience.

As part of its expansion plans, "glimble" has recently launched in Trieste, Italy, and Arriva is exploring opportunities for further growth within Italy and other parts of Europe. The success of "glimble" reflects Arriva's ongoing efforts to adapt to evolving mobility needs and provide seamless travel solutions.

The new contract in West Brabant is set to take effect in July 2025, coinciding with the arrival of the first batch of the new electric buses. This milestone marks not only a continuation of Arriva's legacy in the region but also a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient future for public transportation.


Arriva's triumphant 10-year contract renewal in West Brabant heralds a decade of sustainable transit evolution. The commitment to a future-proof transport network, zero-emission electric buses, and enhanced passenger experiences underscores Arriva's dedication to serving communities and advancing eco-friendly transportation solutions. As the contract takes effect in July 2025, Arriva's vision for a greener and more efficient public transport system becomes a reality, shaping the future of transit in the Netherlands.

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