Ashok Leyland: Revolutionizing Public Transport in Tamil Nadu

Ashok Leyland secures a significant order of 552 Ultra-Low Entry (ULE) buses from TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation).
Ashok Leyland
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Ashok Leyland secures a significant order of 552 Ultra-Low Entry (ULE) buses from TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation). These buses, equipped with cutting-edge technology, symbolize a stride towards "Mobility for All." Featuring advanced safety measures and citizen-centric design, the order underscores Ashok Leyland's commitment to elevating public transportation in Tamil Nadu.



Ashok Leyland, the distinguished commercial vehicle manufacturer and a key player in the Hinduja Group, has clinched a noteworthy contract with TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation) for 552 Ultra-Low Entry (ULE) buses, reaffirming their partnership in advancing public mobility in the region.

These ULE buses, a testament to the 'Mobility for All' initiative by the Tamil Nadu state government, signify a breakthrough in enhancing public transportation. Sporting a range of state-of-the-art features including a robust H-series 6-cylinder 4-valve engine, step-less entry, rear engine configuration, automatic transmission, front disc brake, and intelligent transportation systems, these buses prioritize passenger safety and comfort.

Shenu Agarwal, the Managing Director & CEO of Ashok Leyland, expressed pride in collaborating with TNSTC to realize the 'Mobility for All' vision. This order reflects their commitment to delivering technologically advanced products that exceed customer expectations, ultimately fostering the growth of public transportation.

Sanjeev Kumar, President of M&HCV at Ashok Leyland, highlighted the long-standing relationship with TNSTC and emphasized the superior technology and safety standards of the ULE buses. This order stands as a testament to the trust TNSTC places in Ashok Leyland.

The project, funded by the German Development bank (KfW), signifies Ashok Leyland's dedication to sustainable and inclusive mobility solutions. The buses, certified as differently-abled passenger friendly, epitomize cutting-edge technology and safety, setting a new industry benchmark.

This order marks a significant stride for Ashok Leyland, known as the world's fourth-largest bus manufacturer and India's largest. The company's continuous efforts toward delivering exceptional products and services have earned TNSTC's enduring trust.


Ashok Leyland's partnership with TNSTC in providing 552 Ultra-Low Entry (ULE) buses marks a pivotal moment in Tamil Nadu's public transport evolution. The commitment to technological excellence and passenger safety reaffirms their dedication to realizing the vision of "Mobility for All." This collaboration signifies a landmark step toward creating a safer, more inclusive, and technologically advanced public transportation system in the region.

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