bp pulse Sparks EV Revolution in UK

bp pulse, a prominent EV charging network in the UK, achieved remarkable strides in its rapid and ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV)
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bp pulse, a prominent EV charging network in the UK, achieved remarkable strides in its rapid and ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure rollout in 2023. The company doubled its ultra-fast charge points to over 3,000 across the UK, inaugurating nine new EV charging hubs, including the nation's largest at NEC Birmingham, solidifying its commitment to enhancing EV accessibility.



In a monumental stride towards advancing electric vehicle (EV) adoption, bp pulse, a leading EV charging network in the UK, celebrated substantial progress in rolling out rapid and ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure throughout 2023.

The company, in its commitment last year to invest £1 billion in the UK's EV infrastructure over the next decade, focused on deploying rapid and ultra-fast charging stations in convenient driver-accessible locations.

Today, bp pulse proudly affirms remarkable advancements, showcasing more than double the number of ultra-fast charge points on its UK public network compared to the preceding year, now operating over 3,000 high-speed charge points nationwide.

This rapid expansion in charging infrastructure aligns with bp pulse's commitment to reliability, bolstering the network's dependability across the UK.

The strategic development of EV charging hubs at key transport intersections, major roadways, and pivotal points in the UK's road network was a priority for bp pulse. Notably, nine EV charging hubs, each equipped with at least six ultra-fast charge points, were integrated into the bp pulse network over the year, spanning locations such as Macclesfield, Tamworth, Uttoxeter, Hull, and Dudley, among others.

In a pivotal moment in September 2023, bp pulse unveiled the UK's largest public EV charging hub at the NEC Birmingham, capable of simultaneously charging up to 180 EVs. The momentous inauguration was officiated by The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP.

Akira Kirton, vp of bp pulse UK, expressed pride in the network's expansion, technological advancements, and enhanced reliability, emphasizing the dedication to facilitating the UK's transition to electric vehicles. Kirton highlighted the achievement of doubling the ultra-fast chargers, the opening of nine new EV charging hubs, and the ambitious plans to establish hundreds more by 2030.

Kirton's optimism for 2024 is rooted in the milestones achieved in 2023, with the UK installing 10,000 rapid and ultra-fast chargers, marking a significant year in the nation's EV charging infrastructure development. He remains bullish about bp pulse's continued delivery in the forthcoming year.


bp pulse's relentless commitment and significant achievements in expanding its EV charging network and reliability signify a monumental leap toward fostering widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the UK, with promising prospects for an even more impactful year ahead in 2024.

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