Continental & Aurora's Pioneering Autonomous Trucking Advancement

AuroraImage Source: Continental


Continental and Aurora reach a pivotal milestone in their collaboration, finalizing the blueprint for a scalable autonomous trucking system by 2027. The design completion of Aurora Driver's hardware and fallback system heralds a groundbreaking era in high-volume production of automotive-grade autonomous systems, elevating the potential for widespread deployment and commercialization.


Continental and Aurora Innovation have achieved a significant breakthrough in advancing autonomous trucking technology. The companies have successfully concluded the design and structure of the Aurora Driver, a cutting-edge SAE Level 4 autonomous driving system. This achievement signifies a crucial step toward the scheduled commencement of production in 2027. The finalized design marks a rapid progression since the initiation of their unique partnership aimed at mass-producing autonomous trucking systems.

The partnership between Continental and Aurora represents a concerted effort to introduce cutting-edge autonomous hardware kits for widespread production. Recognizing the complexity and time-intensive nature of this endeavor, the collaboration aims to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and serviceable autonomous systems. Continental's expertise in automotive development aligns with Aurora's vision to deploy autonomous trucks extensively after the initial driverless launch in late 2024. The Aurora Driver, leveraging Continental's proficiency, aims to deliver significant value over a million miles.

Philipp von Hirschheydt, Executive Board member for the Automotive Group Sector at Continental, emphasized the transformative potential of autonomous technologies. He highlighted the achievement as a credible pathway to deploying autonomous trucking systems that meet customers' demands for seamless serviceability and reliability.

Aurora's collaboration with Continental extends to developing an industrialized fallback system expected to commence production in 2027. This redundant system serves as a fail-safe mechanism, ensuring uninterrupted operation in case of primary system failure. The joint engineering approach aims to minimize potential single points of failure, enhancing safety in autonomous vehicle operations.

Chris Urmson, Co-Founder and CEO at Aurora, underscored the significance of finalizing the hardware design as a critical step toward optimizing the Aurora Driver's economics and establishing a sustainable business model for the future.

The strategic roadmap outlined by Continental and Aurora details the progressive steps toward commercializing thousands of autonomous trucks. From aligning on system architecture to testing, industrializing, and finally deploying trucks at scale by 2027, the partnership aims to revolutionize autonomous freight transport.


Continental's commitment to industrializing autonomous hardware kits positions the partnership as an industry frontrunner, aligning with the company's strategic vision to capitalize on pioneering technology. The exclusive partnership with Aurora signifies a pivotal decision, emphasizing Continental's dedication to driving advancements in autonomous mobility at a significant scale.

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