Electrifying Globally: Mercedes me Charge Milestone

Mercedes me Charge
Mercedes me ChargeImage Source: Mercedes Benz


Mercedes-Benz achieves a significant milestone as its Mercedes me Charge service surpasses 1.5 million charging points worldwide. Operating as one of the largest authentication and payment networks for EV charging, Mercedes me Charge ensures a seamless experience for customers, offering transparency in pricing, easy initiation, and automated billing. The service, integrated into the MBUX multimedia system, further strengthens Mercedes-Benz's commitment to sustainable and customer-centric electric mobility.


Mercedes-Benz is driving the future of electric mobility with its expansive charging service, Mercedes me Charge, which has recently crossed the remarkable milestone of 1.5 million charging points globally. This service, functioning as one of the largest networks for EV charging authentication and payment, provides Mercedes-Benz customers with a hassle-free and efficient charging experience.

The Mercedes me Charge network spans over 1,300 charge point operators and covers 31 countries, delivering comprehensive charging services. The strategically positioned charging points include city centers, shopping malls, hotels, and highways, ensuring accessibility for users in key locations. In Germany alone, the network comprises more than 100,000 charging points, encompassing over 90% of the country's total charging infrastructure.

Franz Reiner, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, highlights the rapid growth of Mercedes me Charge, with an average integration of 40,000 charging points monthly in 2023. This growth caters to the essential needs of customers, offering them a transparent pricing structure and convenient access to a robust charging network.

Mercedes-Benz integrates Mercedes me Charge seamlessly into its MBUX multimedia system, facilitating easy charging initiation and automated billing. The Electric Intelligence feature calculates optimal routes, including charging stops, making public charging effortlessly manageable. Authentication at charging stations is flexible, with options including the MBUX multimedia display, the Mercedes me app, the Mercedes me Charge RFID card, or the Plug & Charge system at cooperating charge point operators.

The commitment to sustainable practices is evident as Mercedes-Benz ensures an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources for charging processes in Europe, the US, and Canada. This aligns with the brand's vision of providing eco-friendly electric mobility solutions.

Customers benefit from maximum cost transparency through Mercedes me Charge, with details such as specific costs per kilowatt-hour or per minute displayed on the MBUX display or the Mercedes me app before initiating charging. The standard rate set by the charging station operator governs the cost, and customers in Europe can opt for attractive fixed prices through three Mercedes me Charge smart charging tariffs.

Mercedes-Benz plans to consistently expand Mercedes me Charge, integrating the globally planned Mercedes-Benz Charging Network, European joint venture IONITY, and collaborations in North America and China. This expansion reinforces Mercedes-Benz's commitment to providing a comprehensive and accessible charging infrastructure for its growing electric mobility customer base.


In conclusion, Mercedes-Benz celebrates a remarkable achievement with Mercedes me Charge, surpassing 1.5 million charging points worldwide. The service exemplifies the brand's commitment to advancing electric mobility, offering customers a seamless and transparent charging experience. With strategic positioning, easy initiation, and automated billing, Mercedes me Charge stands as a global leader in EV charging networks. As Mercedes-Benz continues its expansion, integrating additional charging points and collaborations, it reinforces its dedication to sustainable and customer-focused electric mobility solutions. Mercedes me Charge is not just a charging service; it's a pivotal component in Mercedes-Benz's vision of a greener and more accessible future for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

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