EliteSiC PIMs: Revolutionizing Fast Charging"



onsemi introduces nine cutting-edge EliteSiC Power Integrated Modules (PIMs), enabling bidirectional charging for DC ultra-fast EV chargers and energy storage systems. These silicon carbide-based solutions offer efficiency gains, reducing platform size by 40% and weight by 52% versus traditional silicon-based systems. This breakthrough facilitates faster charging, crucial for EV adoption, addressing consumer concerns about accessibility and speed.



onsemi has unveiled a game-changing suite of nine EliteSiC Power Integrated Modules (PIMs), marking a significant leap in bidirectional charging capabilities for DC ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers and energy storage systems (ESS). These silicon carbide-based solutions signify a paradigm shift, enhancing system cost-effectiveness through heightened efficiency and simplified cooling mechanisms, slashing platform size by up to 40% and weight by up to 52% compared to conventional silicon-based IGBT solutions.

The introduction of these advanced PIMs offers a transformative opportunity for designers, enabling the creation of more compact and lighter charging platforms. These advancements equip designers with essential building blocks to swiftly deploy a reliable, efficient, and scalable network of DC fast chargers, capable of charging EV batteries up to 80% in just 15 minutes, addressing critical concerns regarding charging accessibility and speed in the EV market.

The urgency for improved charging accessibility is highlighted in J.D. Power's 2023 Electric Vehicle Consideration Study, where nearly half of U.S. consumers cite access to rapid charging as a key factor influencing their EV purchase decision. The exponential increase in demand for EV chargers requires a significant augmentation in charging station availability to meet the growing needs of drivers, emphasizing the importance of accessible public charging stations.

Moreover, the spike in electricity demand due to the proliferation of EVs poses a substantial challenge to existing electrical grids. Bidirectional charging emerges as a pivotal solution, allowing vehicles to contribute to the grid's energy supply during peak demand, addressing the strain on electrical infrastructure and facilitating more sustainable energy practices.

onsemi's EliteSiC PIMs form the backbone of a DC fast charging network and vehicle-to-grid power transfer systems, revolutionizing the EV landscape by enhancing charging speed and accessibility. These advancements enable faster and more efficient vehicle recharging compared to traditional methods that necessitate hours or even days.

The comprehensive portfolio of EliteSiC PIMs from onsemi offers flexibility in selecting the ideal PIM for different power conversion stages in DC fast charging and energy storage system applications. Advanced electrical circuit simulations and application simulations will be available to facilitate the design process, accelerating innovation and deployment.

Each module harnesses the power of Gen3 M3S SiC MOSFET technology, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and minimizing power losses. With support for various topologies and scalable output power from 25 kW to 100 kW, onsemi's PIMs offer versatility and reliability, crucial for fostering the rapid expansion of EV charging infrastructure.


The robustness, efficiency gains, and scalability of onsemi's EliteSiC PIMs underscore their pivotal role in driving the evolution of EV charging technology, paving the way for a more accessible, efficient, and sustainable future of electric mobility.

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