Elli's Triumph: Unveiling Europe's 600K Charge Points

Elli, part of Volkswagen Group, proudly announces an expansive charging network of over 600,000 points across 27 European
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Elli, part of Volkswagen Group, proudly announces an expansive charging network of over 600,000 points across 27 European nations. With a focus on enhanced convenience and superior service quality, this milestone marks a significant leap for electric vehicle charging and promotes broader European electric mobility.



Welcoming the new year with an electrifying update, Elli (Volkswagen Group Charging) unveils its sprawling charging network, now boasting more than 600,000 charge points in 27 European countries. As a frontrunner in charging solutions and an arm of the Volkswagen Group, Elli strategically amplifies its mobility service domain, emphasizing both network growth and user convenience during charging. This expansion signifies a monumental leap forward for electric mobility across Europe, particularly for Elli's clientele.

Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Elli, enthusiastically applauds this achievement, citing it as a pivotal moment for Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH. He emphasizes their commitment beyond quantity, focusing on delivering a superior charging experience to propel electric mobility and drive society towards decarbonization.

A standout initiative shaping the charging landscape is the Selected Partner Network—a novel program launched by Volkswagen Group, designed to elevate customer charging experiences. This exclusive network features premium charge point operators meeting stringent quality criteria. These partners provide optimal charging stations, high-performance infrastructure, and on-site amenities like cafes, restaurants, and reliable facilities. Customers enrolled in the Elli Drive Highway tariff enjoy exclusive energy pricing benefits. Presently, partners such as IONITY Europe, Aral Pulse, Audi charging hubs across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and Ewiva in Italy form part of this elite network.

Palazzo reaffirms Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH's commitment to remaining at the vanguard of innovation, contributing significantly to fortifying Europe's charging and energy infrastructure amidst the rising wave of electric mobility.


Elli's milestone of surpassing 600,000 charge points across Europe heralds a new era in electric vehicle charging. With a dedicated focus on quality and convenience, this initiative not only elevates the charging experience but also cements Elli's position as a catalyst in advancing electric mobility across the continent.

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