Free2move Charge Powers Lancia's Electric Renaissance

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Free2move Charge collaborates with Lancia in its electric renaissance, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for personalized charging and energy management. Lancia's electrification strategy, launching three models by 2026, kicks off with the New Ypsilon in 2024. Free2move Charge's promise of e-ABC (Always Be Charged) ensures an integrated system catering to all electric vehicle (EV) customer needs, both at home and on the go. With a focus on seamless charging solutions, reduced costs, and environmental benefits, Lancia and Free2move Charge aim to redefine the electric mobility experience.


In a strategic move towards electrifying its lineup, Lancia is set to revolutionize the electric mobility landscape with Free2move Charge as its ally. The brand's ambitious electrification strategy unfolds with the introduction of three new models, with the inaugural release being the New Ypsilon in 2024. Lancia's commitment goes further, as it plans to exclusively unveil 100% electric cars from 2026 onward.

The New Lancia Ypsilon, set to debut in Milan next February, serves as the vanguard in Lancia's 100% electric mobility initiative. Central to the brand's vision is Free2move Charge, a 360-degree ecosystem designed to deliver an optimal electric mobility experience.

The cornerstone of Free2move Charge's commitment is encapsulated in its promise of e-ABC, signifying an approach that is "easy to Always Be Charged." This commitment translates into an integrated system comprising hardware, software, and charging services, addressing all EV customer needs comprehensively, irrespective of location or circumstance.

With the unveiling of the New Ypsilon, Lancia customers gain access to a suite of charging solutions that redefine energy management. This includes Free2move Charge Home, offering support for the installation, financing, and warranty of home charging systems, along with other energy-related hardware and services for private customers. Additionally, Free2move Charge GO ensures seamless access to an extensive network of public charging points.

Magdalena Jablonska, Head of Free2move Charge Europe, emphasizes that "Free2move Charge is an accessible and tailor-made complete charging management ecosystem that will offer Lancia customers a seamless and hassle-free experience." This charging offer is dedicated to supporting Lancia's foray into the world of electric mobility, ensuring a smooth transition for customers of the new Lancia range.

As the automotive industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards sustainable and electric solutions, Lancia, propelled by the Free2move Charge ecosystem, stands at the forefront, ready to redefine the electric mobility experience for its customers.


The collaboration between Lancia and Free2move Charge marks a pivotal moment in the brand's journey towards electric mobility. With a solid roadmap and an electrification strategy that emphasizes 100% electric cars by 2026, Lancia is strategically positioned for an electric renaissance. The New Ypsilon, set to debut in February, is not just a new model but a harbinger of Lancia's commitment to a sustainable future.

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