Geotab Unveils Sustainability Alliance

Geotab Inc. introduces the Geotab Sustainability Alliance, uniting 28 partners to revolutionize fleet management. With
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Geotab Inc. introduces the Geotab Sustainability Alliance, uniting 28 partners to revolutionize fleet management. With a focus on electrification and decarbonization, the alliance aims to reduce the carbon footprint of fleets, leveraging innovative solutions for sustainable transformations in transportation.



Geotab, a prominent figure in connected transportation solutions, has launched the Geotab Sustainability Alliance, a collaborative endeavor encompassing 28 partners. This union of solution and service providers is dedicated to transforming fleet operations towards sustainability and efficiency.

Transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US and 23% globally, as reported by the EPA and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, respectively. Recognizing this impact, Geotab's alliance endeavors to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption and promote sustainable transformations within fleets by offering innovative solutions and data insights.

Neil Cawse, Founder and CEO of Geotab, stressed the pivotal role of data insights in driving sustainability efforts. The alliance aims not only to help organizations meet their environmental goals but also enhance their financial performance.

The Geotab Sustainability Alliance boasts a diverse roster of partners, including Electric Vehicle OEMs, Charge Management, EV Charging Station Providers, Fuel Management Providers, Route Optimization Partners, EV Fleet and Sustainability Consultants, and Emerging Solutions. These partners offer integrated solutions that seamlessly merge with vehicle telematics, enhancing efficiency gains and aiding decarbonization efforts.

The collaboration between Geotab and its alliance partners aims to streamline EV management by offering a comprehensive dashboard, facilitating data-driven decisions for fleet operators. Geotab's expertise in EV data support, spanning multiple OEMs and over 300 EV models, further enriches these integrated solutions.

Eric Mallia, Vice President of Sustainability Solutions at Geotab, highlighted the need for data in optimizing fuel efficiency, routing, and EV charging. The alliance serves as a pioneering force in decarbonization and EVs, fostering an ecosystem equipped to address the evolving challenges in fleet sustainability.

The expanding alliance membership, including companies like 7Gen, ChargePoint, Deloitte, Lion Electric, and Siemens AG, indicates a collective effort towards cleaner mobility and underscores a commitment to clean transportation solutions.


Geotab's introduction of the Sustainability Alliance marks a significant step towards transforming fleet management and decarbonizing transportation. With a diverse array of partners and integrated solutions, this alliance is poised to drive meaningful change, promoting sustainability, optimizing fleet operations, and paving the way for a cleaner future in the transportation sector.

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