Gogoro and Uber Eats' Green Mobility Revolution

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Gogoro collaborates with Uber Eats in Taiwan, offering subsidies and discounts on electric vehicles to food delivery drivers. This partnership aims to enhance green mobility, encouraging a switch to Gogoro's electric scooters. Anticipating 16,000 drivers to opt for Gogoro models, the initiative targets a 40% electric vehicle usage by 2025, significantly contributing to cleaner air in Taiwan.


Gogoro Inc, the leading electric scooter maker, has forged a strategic alliance with Uber Eats in Taiwan to propel a swift transition towards green mobility among the country's food delivery drivers. In a concerted effort, the two companies unveiled a joint initiative offering a NT$6,000 subsidy to delivery drivers for the purchase of new Gogoro vehicles over a two-year collaboration period.

Under this partnership, delivery drivers will also benefit from discounted rates on Gogoro's innovative battery-swapping programs, further incentivizing the adoption of eco-friendly transport solutions.

Speaking at a joint news conference in Taipei, Chai Lee, the General Manager of Uber Eats Taiwan, outlined the ambitious plan. He projected that around 16,000 delivery drivers are expected to switch to new Gogoro models within the next two years, significantly amplifying the adoption of electric vehicles in the delivery sector. Currently at 20%, this initiative targets doubling the electric vehicle trips to 40% by 2025.

Lee expressed optimism, stating that this initiative would usher in cleaner air across various cities in Taiwan, aligning with the collective vision of both companies to drive sustainable urban development.

Highlighting the success of Gogoro's battery-swapping system in Taiwan, the company reported that approximately 26% of food and parcel delivery riders utilize their system across 2,800 stations. Henry Chiang, General Manager of Gogoro Taiwan, emphasized the anticipation of extending this successful partnership to global markets beyond Taiwan.

When queried about potential expansions, Chiang expressed openness to exploring collaborations in various countries, not excluding India. Looking ahead, Gogoro aims to expand its sales networks, including establishing more neighborhood stores and diversifying its product portfolio to cater to a wider range of riders.

This year, Gogoro surpassed its initial target by opening 200 neighborhood stores, solidifying its commitment to promoting and facilitating green mobility solutions.


Gogoro's collaboration with Uber Eats in Taiwan marks a significant stride towards greener mobility solutions in the food delivery sector. The joint initiative, offering incentives for the adoption of electric scooters, holds the promise of transforming urban transportation, contributing to cleaner air and fostering sustainable development in Taiwan.

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