Holcim's Green Revolution: 1,000 eActros Transforming Transport

HolcimImage Source: Mercedes Benz


Holcim, the Swiss building materials producer, is embarking on a significant sustainability initiative with Mercedes-Benz. They plan to integrate 1,000 units of the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600, a battery-electric truck, into their European fleet. This collaboration represents a substantial step towards achieving the sustainability goals of both companies. The eActros 600, equipped with a high-capacity battery and efficient electric drive, promises a remarkable daily range of over 1,000 kilometers. Holcim's commitment reflects a broader industry shift towards eco-friendly transportation.


In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable logistics, Holcim, a leading Swiss building materials producer, has joined forces with Mercedes-Benz to introduce the eActros 600, a battery-electric truck, into its European fleet. This strategic collaboration, solidified by a joint letter of intent, aims to integrate 1,000 units of the eActros 600, signaling a significant leap in the companies' shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

The eActros 600, unveiled with grandeur last October, embodies Mercedes-Benz's dedication to pushing the boundaries of efficiency in the transportation industry. Holcim's decision to adopt this electric truck underscores the company's proactive stance in embracing alternative, sustainable drives for their operations.

The majority of the eActros 600 trucks will be utilized for transporting building materials like cement, employing silo trailers for the demanding task. The model designation "600" signifies the impressive battery capacity, exceeding 600 kilowatt-hours, enabling the truck to achieve an outstanding range of 500 kilometers without the need for intermediate charging. With this capability, the eActros 600 can cover significantly more than 1,000 kilometers in a single day, offering a practical and efficient solution for Holcim's transportation needs.

Karin Rådström, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, expressed delight at Holcim's decision, emphasizing the transformative potential of the eActros 600 in redefining efficiency standards within the construction industry. The electric truck, adorned with the iconic three-pointed star, is poised to set new benchmarks for sustainability and performance.

Miljan Gutovic, Region Head Europe at Holcim, highlighted the company's commitment to decarbonizing its operations' logistics. Partnering with Mercedes-Benz Trucks to electrify their fleet aligns with Holcim's broader goal of achieving 30% zero-emission heavy-duty truck purchases or contracts by 2030. This ambitious target underscores the urgency and dedication with which Holcim approaches its sustainability objectives.

The eActros 600 not only brings impressive performance capabilities but also introduces innovative charging options. Besides CCS charging with up to 400 kW, it will later support megawatt charging (MCS). Holcim, aiming for a comprehensive approach to sustainability, can opt for a pre-installation for MCS, allowing future adaptability when standardized across manufacturers. The ability to charge the batteries from 20 to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes further enhances the practicality of the eActros 600.

Visually, the e-truck presents a fresh design with clean lines and aerodynamic features, showcasing a commitment to modernity and efficiency. The plan to start series production by the end of 2024 indicates Mercedes-Benz Trucks' dedication to making eco-friendly long-distance transport a reality.

The collaboration extends beyond the tractor unit, with rigid variants of the eActros 600 being produced right from the market launch. This versatility expands the scope of applications, providing customers with all-electric transport solutions tailored to their specific needs. A fleet of approximately fifty prototype vehicles is currently under construction, with some set to undergo practical testing with initial customers, marking a crucial step towards real-world validation.


Holcim's partnership with Mercedes-Benz for the integration of 1,000 eActros 600 trucks stands as a remarkable milestone in their joint pursuit of sustainable transportation. With a commitment to zero-emission solutions and a focus on efficiency, this collaboration reflects the broader industry trend towards greener logistics. The impressive capabilities of the eActros 600, combined with Holcim's ambitious sustainability goals, paint a promising picture for the future of eco-friendly transport in the construction industry. As these electric trucks hit the roads, Holcim takes a bold step towards transforming its fleet, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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