Inaugural Omneo Sud Train Signals New Era in French Railways

Alstom and Transdev introduce the pioneering Omneo Sud train for the Marseille-Toulon-Nice line, redefining regional rail travel in France. This double-
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Alstom and Transdev introduce the pioneering Omneo Sud train for the Marseille-Toulon-Nice line, redefining regional rail travel in France. This double-decker, eco-friendly marvel boasts high comfort, advanced services, and 100% green energy, elevating passenger experience and setting new ecological standards.



In a monumental move for French railways, Alstom and Transdev proudly unveiled the inaugural Omneo Sud train, poised to transform the Marseille-Toulon-Nice line. This groundbreaking initiative, introduced to Renaud Muselier, President of Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region, marks a significant leap in enhancing regional rail travel.

The procurement of this revolutionary train, by Transdev, signifies a historic shift in France's passenger rail transport, marking the first competition-opened tender awarded to a competitor of the incumbent operator. The contract, valued at approximately $285 million, includes the acquisition of 16 double-decker Omneo 8-car trains, accentuating high capacity, comfort, and service standards.

These state-of-the-art trains are tailored to meet specific regional needs, featuring an innovative layout that prioritizes passenger amenities. With 352 seats and additional folding seats, the Omneo Sud train boasts an array of services, including bicycle spaces, video surveillance, seat reservations, and onboard Wi-Fi, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable travel experience.

Designed for seamless movement, the train's architecture emphasizes accessibility and comfort, ensuring ease of boarding through wide doors and platforms. Passenger-centric features such as spacious interiors, panoramic windows, clear information displays, and adjustable air conditioning guarantee a comfortable journey along the scenic coastal route.

Notably, the trains are geared towards environmental sustainability, utilizing 100% green, locally sourced energy. Emphasizing the region's commitment to ecological transition, the line aims for increased punctuality (targeting 97.5%), with drivers trained in eco-driving techniques and a doubling of train frequency.

Renaud Muselier, President of Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region, commends the transformative impact of this endeavor, aligning with their climate plan, "Une COP d'Avance," aiming to shift passengers from roads to railways, fostering a more eco-conscious travel paradigm.

Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev, underscores the significance of service quality in driving passenger preference, reaffirming their commitment to operational excellence and ensuring an enriched travel experience from Nice to Marseille.

Olivier Delecroix, Vice-President Marketing & Sales at Alstom France, expresses pride in presenting a train that epitomizes comfort and mobility for all passengers. He highlights Alstom's commitment to operational efficiency, maintenance support, and the expertise exhibited by the Crespin site, earning the Origine France Garantie label.


The debut of the Marseille-Toulon-Nice regional train, scheduled for June 29, 2025, signals a transformative phase in French regional rail travel, promising enhanced comfort, eco-friendliness, and a heightened passenger experience.

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