Škoda’s Logistics Leap Forward

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Škoda Auto unveils Project ONE Log, a comprehensive logistics transformation using cutting-edge SAP solutions. This shift marks the largest system upgrade at their Vrchlabí plant in 25 years, promising enhanced efficiency and cost reduction through digitization and centralized operations.


Škoda Auto has embarked on a significant logistics revolution with Project ONE Log, an initiative aiming to modernize their logistics operations by implementing advanced SAP solutions. This transition represents the most extensive system upgrade at Škoda’s Vrchlabí plant in the last quarter-century. The adoption of a unified SAP solution is poised to streamline operations, leveraging digitization and centralization to unlock potential cost savings and heightened operational flexibility.

David Strnad, Head of Brand Logistics at Škoda Auto, highlighted the complexities associated with the existing ecosystem comprising numerous applications and interconnected systems. The integration of ONE Log presents a unified, standardized, and harmonized logistics system. This serves as a robust foundation, elevating the management of logistics while optimizing costs and boosting both adaptability and effectiveness across the entire logistics chain.

The transition to the SAP S/4 HANA platform marks a significant leap forward from the previously deployed legacy systems. This upgrade provides Škoda Auto with a future-oriented, stable, and comprehensive infrastructure, aligning seamlessly with their overarching digitization strategy. The successful implementation of such a transformation amid ongoing operations signifies the collective effort and dedication of all stakeholders and project members.

ONE Log not only harmonizes logistics processes within Škoda but also extends its impact across the broader Volkswagen Group. By consolidating existing sub-processes into a standardized SAP solution, the initiative aims to minimize the intricacies in logistics IT, ensuring enhanced data availability. Foreseen benefits encompass heightened production flexibility, substantial cost efficiencies, and a consistent flow of transparent data. Furthermore, ONE Log positions itself to leverage cutting-edge business intelligence tools, facilitating comprehensive data analysis across the supply chain.

At its core, the project embodies a collaborative effort among logistics and IT departments across several Volkswagen Group brands, including Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, and Škoda Auto. Spearheaded by Volkswagen Group Logistics, the multi-brand initiative commenced in early 2023, emphasizing collaborative efforts in pursuit of common objectives.

Škoda Auto’s Vrchlabí plant recently rolled out the minimum viable product (MVP) for ONE Log, focusing on the automatic gearbox assembly line planning and stock level monitoring. This strategic move prioritizes efficiency enhancements in material procurement and stock level monitoring processes. Future iterations are expected to encompass expertise planning in mechanical machining and further enhancements across Czech sites.


Škoda Auto’s embrace of Project ONE Log signifies a pivotal step toward a more streamlined, efficient, and technologically advanced logistics framework. This evolution showcases their commitment to leveraging digital solutions to enhance operations and adaptability, setting a precedent for the automotive industry.

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