LEVC's Electrifying Evolution: L380 Unveiled

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LEVC, renowned for high-end taxis, takes a revolutionary leap into e-mobility solutions with the debut of its L380 Multi-Purpose Vehicle. The first model built on the groundbreaking Space Oriented Architecture promises advances in range, efficiency, safety, and more. The prototype, rolling off the assembly line in China, signifies LEVC's shift from taxi manufacturer to a global e-mobility brand. The L380's launch in China precedes its arrival in the UK within two years, marking a significant step in LEVC's ambitious global strategy.


In a momentous stride toward a green future, LEVC, the distinguished taxi manufacturer, unveils its transformation with the commencement of production for the L380 Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). This marks the inauguration of a new era for LEVC, transitioning from crafting high-end taxis to spearheading e-mobility solutions on a global scale.

The L380 stands as the pioneer model underpinned by the Space Oriented Architecture (SOA), a cutting-edge platform co-developed with the Geely Holding Group. This collaborative effort has yielded a revolutionary technology that promises substantial improvements in range, efficiency, safety, charging time, durability, and connectivity. The recent prototype's rollout in Yiwu, China, symbolizes LEVC's commitment to reshaping the landscape of electric vehicles.

The strategic shift toward electrification aligns with LEVC's vision to become a leading provider of e-mobility solutions globally. The L380 is set to broaden LEVC's vehicle lineup, offering not only a fully electric model but also pushing the boundaries of interior flexibility. With multiple seating configurations available, the L380 caters to diverse needs, providing a smart, green, safe, and accessible mobility solution.

Following a significant investment in the Yiwu facility, LEVC's manufacturing operations in China are now geared towards agile and intelligent production. This facility, complementing the existing factory in Ansty, Coventry, showcases LEVC's commitment to a robust global manufacturing footprint.

The L380's initial launch is scheduled in China, with plans to introduce the MPV to the UK market within the next two years. This phased approach aligns with LEVC's overarching strategy to establish a presence in over 40 countries, emphasizing a global approach to e-mobility.

As LEVC forays into an entirely new market sector with the L380, the vehicle represents not just a technological leap but also a commitment to purpose-built solutions. Inspired by a rich history of more than a century in 'mobility,' LEVC ensures that the L380 brings advanced zero-emission transportation to a broader customer base. The vehicle's interior flexibility, available in three, six, or eight-seat layouts, aims to set new standards in the electric MPV segment.

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC, expresses enthusiasm about the company's strategic shift, emphasizing the innovative SOA technology as a catalyst for LEVC's global expansion. The L380, as the inaugural model in this transformative journey, symbolizes a commitment to providing advanced zero-emission transportation and invites customers to join LEVC on this exciting path.


LEVC's unveiling of the L380 Multi-Purpose Vehicle, underpinned by the revolutionary Space Oriented Architecture, marks a significant chapter in the company's evolution. From its roots as a high-end taxi manufacturer, LEVC is poised to become a global leader in e-mobility solutions. The L380's strategic launch in China, followed by its imminent arrival in the UK, exemplifies LEVC's commitment to a comprehensive global approach. As the company sets its sights on over 40 countries, the L380, with its advanced features and interior flexibility, symbolizes a purpose-built solution for a sustainable and accessible future in electric transportation.

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