Milan's E-Bus Surge: Solaris Electrifies Transit

Hydrogen Bus
Hydrogen BusImage Source: Solaris


Milan’s public transport operator, ATM Milano, secures a substantial deal for 105 Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses from Solaris Bus & Coach. This amplifies Milan's move towards sustainable transport, with Solaris being a key player since 2014, supplying nearly 500 eco-friendly vehicles to the city. The contract underscores Milan’s commitment to zero-emission mobility.


In a transformative stride towards eco-friendly urban mobility, Milan, Italy, embarks on another significant collaboration with Solaris Bus & Coach. This time, the partnership involves the procurement of 105 Urbino 18 electric buses by the city’s public transport operator, ATM Milano. This initiative positions ATM Milano as one of the prominent adopters of zero-emission vehicles bearing the Solaris brand, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable transport solutions.

The forthcoming delivery, scheduled to commence in the first half of 2025, marks an extension of the enduring collaboration between Solaris and ATM Milano, which commenced in 2014. This ongoing partnership has witnessed Milan's procurement of nearly 500 vehicles from Solaris, exclusively zero-emission since 2018, setting a precedent in the city’s quest for sustainable public transport.

Javier Iriarte, CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o., expressed delight at Milan’s dedication to sustainable transport, stating, “Solaris e-buses have become a permanent fixture in the landscape of European towns and cities, pursuing their mission to boost zero-emission mobility. Milan sets an impressive example by heavily investing in sustainable transport. We are very pleased to be a partner in this transition.”

The ordered Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses will be outfitted with Solaris High Energy batteries totaling 700 kWh, similar to previous deliveries. These articulated e-buses will utilize both pantograph and plug-in charging technologies, leveraging an optimized urban infrastructure with strategically placed chargers along the route, ensuring an extensive all-day driving range.

Solaris further solidifies its foothold in the Italian market, particularly in the electric and hydrogen bus segments. This year alone, Solaris has secured contracts for 98 Urbino e-buses in Cagliari and 90 hydrogen buses in Venice. The bus maker will also undertake Europe’s largest-ever order for hydrogen buses, supplying 130 units to Bologna, reinforcing its commitment to green transport solutions.


Milan’s substantial order of 105 Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses from Solaris Bus & Coach signifies a pivotal move towards zero-emission mobility in urban transit. The city’s steadfast commitment to sustainable transport solutions through strategic collaborations like this underscores a paradigm shift towards greener, more eco-conscious public transportation networks.

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