Pirelli P Zero E: The Award-Winning Tire

Pirelli's P Zero E secures the prestigious "Tyre of the Year" award at the 2023 Automobile Awards in Paris. This innovative ultra-high-performance tire excels
Pirelli's P Zero E
Pirelli's P Zero EImage Source: Pirelli


Pirelli's P Zero E secures the prestigious "Tyre of the Year" award at the 2023 Automobile Awards in Paris. This innovative ultra-high-performance tire excels in sustainability, integrating over 55% recycled and bio-based materials while reducing mass loss by 42%. Its cutting-edge features, like the RunForward technology and AI-driven design, make it a game-changer in electric vehicle mobility.



Pirelli's P Zero E has clinched the coveted "Tyre of the Year" accolade at the 2023 Automobile Awards held in Paris, triumphing among 53 competing brands in a celebration of automotive excellence at the Automobile Club de France. The jury, comprising an equal representation of men and women, selected Pirelli for its exceptional performance, innovation, and commitment to sustainable development.

The P Zero E marks a significant leap in tire technology, embodying Pirelli's latest advancements tailored for the evolving landscape of electric and sustainable mobility. It's the pioneer ultra-high-performance (UHP) tire that integrates an impressive 55% of recycled and bio-based materials, significantly reducing reliance on fossil and mineral-derived components (a reduction of 12 kilograms per tire set). Additionally, this tire exhibits a remarkable 42% reduction in mass loss compared to traditional UHP Pirelli products.

An identifying symbol now graces all Pirelli tires with a minimum of 50% sustainable materials, debuting prominently on the P Zero E. This tire also holds the distinction of being the first UHP tire to achieve a triple A rating on the European tire label across its range, ensuring consistent performance from its new state to used conditions.

Tailored explicitly for battery-electric vehicles, the P Zero E bears the "Elect" marking, indicating features like reduced rolling resistance and noise levels. The introduction of RunForward technology allows continued travel up to 40km at speeds of 80 kph post-puncture, facilitating safe travel to the nearest repair center.

The development of Pirelli's P Zero E involves cutting-edge technology, integrating advanced virtualization techniques driven by artificial intelligence, neural networks, and driving simulation. This approach leverages machine learning to predict tire performance across diverse driving conditions even before physical prototypes are created, enhancing efficiency in proposing effective solutions.

Alejandro Recasens, Pirelli’s West Europe Managing Director, expressed profound pride in receiving the "Tyre of the Year" Award, highlighting the P Zero E as a testament to their sustainability commitment and a milestone in their ambitious decarbonization efforts.

The Pirelli P Zero E tire, initially available in 17 sizes for the aftermarket from January 2024, represents an important stride in the realm of sustainable, high-performance tires. (Image Source: SteelGuru)



Pirelli's P Zero E emerging victorious as the "Tyre of the Year" at the 2023 Automobile Awards marks a significant triumph in the automotive landscape. Its groundbreaking attributes—introducing an impressive blend of sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional performance—underscore Pirelli's commitment to pioneering eco-friendly mobility solutions. As it hits the market in early 2024, this tire not only symbolizes a new era of sustainability in the tire industry but also sets a high standard for future advancements in electric vehicle mobility.

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