Praga Bohema: Petrol Symphony Unleashed

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Praga, an iconic car brand with a 117-year legacy, announces the commencement of production for its first road-legal hypercar, the Bohema. Weighing below 1,000kgs and boasting 700hp, this carbon-aero marvel is a rare gem set to grace collectors' garages. With production starting in a dedicated Czech facility, the €1.36m hypercar promises exclusivity, handcrafted precision, and a blend of tradition and innovation.


Praga, a venerable name in the automotive realm with over a century of history, has officially initiated the production of its inaugural road-legal hypercar, the Bohema. Situated in a specialized facility in the Czech Republic, this iconic model, initially unveiled in prototype form in late 2022, is embarking on a journey to be meticulously hand-built in limited quantities over the next four years.

Weighing in at a remarkable sub-1,000kgs and fueled by 700hp, the Bohema stands as a testament to Praga's commitment to crafting a distinct, high-performance hypercar. Noteworthy is its status as a potential culmination of the era of all-new petrol-powered hypercars, adding a touch of rarity to the automotive landscape.

Tomas Kasparek, owner of Praga Cars, expresses pride in achieving this significant milestone within a year of revealing the Bohema prototype. The production process undergoes rigorous monitoring to ensure the final product surpasses customer expectations, focusing on top-tier materials, precision build, and impeccable finish.

Recent visitors, privileged first customers of the €1.36m hypercar, were treated to an insider's view of Praga's bespoke assembly facility. This facility emphasizes quality, utilizing the finest materials and craftsmanship. Customers also had the unique opportunity to test the Bohema on standard Pirelli Trofeo R tires on icy Czech roads, offering a glimpse of its capabilities ahead of the public reveal in Spring 2024.

Scheduled for handover in the first half of 2024 in Europe, the first customer Bohema will feature a unique specification to mark the occasion. Additional handovers are planned in the UAE and USA in 2024, with Praga gearing up for full-scale Bohema production in 2025.

The Bohema's production initiation follows extensive on-road pre-production development and on-track testing in 2023 at renowned locations such as Spa-Francorchamps, the Red Bull Ring, and the Nürburgring. Collaborating with top-tier drivers, including F1 and IndyCar driver Romain Grosjean, former Stig Ben Collins, and Praga's Chief Test Driver Josef Kral, ensures a blend of expert advice and performance excellence.

Ben Collins, Praga R1 racing driver and Bohema test driver, anticipates a remarkable year for Praga and its customers in 2024. Limited test drives in Europe and the UK will kick off in Spring, followed by the activation of North American and Middle East Bohema launch programs.

Mark Harrison, Sales & Marketing Director at Praga Cars, expresses pride in this momentous step, highlighting the excitement generated by Praga's entry into the hypercar market. The Bohema, with its exceptional quality, pricing, and performance, is poised to make its mark, and Harrison eagerly anticipates the first customer handover.


In conclusion, Praga's announcement of the commencement of Bohema hypercar production marks a significant moment in the company's rich history. The iconic car brand, with over a century of legacy, is stepping into the hypercar realm with a vehicle that combines tradition and innovation. The Bohema, weighing under 1,000kgs and boasting 700hp, promises exclusivity and precision craftsmanship.

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