Revolutionary Automotive In-Cabin Sensing Unveiled`

Eyeris, OMNIVISION, and Leopard Imaging unveil a pioneering production reference design for enhanced in-cabin safety and
Cabin Sensing
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Eyeris, OMNIVISION, and Leopard Imaging unveil a pioneering production reference design for enhanced in-cabin safety and comfort at CES 2024. Integrating Eyeris’ 3D sensing AI with Leopard Imaging’s 5MP camera using OMNIVISION’s OX05B sensor and OAX4600 ISP, this innovation showcases depth-aware driver and occupant monitoring. The design promises faster market entry and reduced costs for auto manufacturers.



At CES 2024, Eyeris Technologies, OMNIVISION, and Leopard Imaging revealed an innovative production reference design aimed at transforming automotive cabin safety and comfort. This collaborative endeavor merges Eyeris’ cutting-edge monocular 3D sensing AI software algorithm with Leopard Imaging’s 5-megapixel backside illuminated (BSI) global shutter (GS) camera, housing OMNIVISION’s OX05B image sensor and OAX4600 image signal processor (ISP). This transformative depth-aware driver monitoring system (DMS) and occupant monitoring system (OMS) will be prominently featured at Leopard Imaging's booth #9529, situated in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, during CES 2024. Eyeris plans to showcase its state-of-the-art technology exclusively by appointment, inside its demonstration vehicle and at select automotive tier-one partner venues.

This pioneering production reference design stands as an automotive industry first, addressing the need for depth-aware in-cabin sensing data. Leveraging Eyeris’ monocular 3D sensing AI technology, this system empowers any 2D image sensor, including the latest RGB-IR sensors, to provide comprehensive depth-aware whole-cabin sensing encompassing DMS and OMS data. Besides employing OMNIVISION’s OX05B 5MP RGB-IR image sensor, this advanced design incorporates OMNIVISION’s OAX4600 ISP to process Eyeris’ monocular 3D sensing AI data. Collaborating with Leopard Imaging's camera design expertise, this holistic production reference design enables automotive manufacturers and tier-one entities to expedite market entry while mitigating integration risks and reducing expenses.

Modar Alaoui, Eyeris' founder and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration's outcome, stating, “Our partnership delivers the automotive industry's most advanced 3D software, coupled with a hardware production reference design for in-cabin sensing, ensuring an accessible turn-key solution with unique AI-based depth-aware DMS and OMS data, processed on OMNIVISION's RGB-IR image sensor and ISP platform.”

Paul Wu, OMNIVISION's staff marketing manager, highlighted, “Our collaboration ensures robust, latency-free image processing, leveraging OMNIVISION’s ISP processing technology and dedicated neural processing unit (NPU), paired with the superior low-light performance of our OX05B sensor.”

Cliff Cheng, Leopard Imaging’s senior vice president of marketing, emphasized their commitment to innovation, stating, “Our collaboration's advanced imaging solutions and manufacturing expertise reinforce our dedication to revolutionizing automotive in-cabin sensing.”


The collaborative effort between Eyeris, OMNIVISION, and Leopard Imaging at CES 2024 heralds a new era in automotive in-cabin sensing. This pioneering production reference design integrates cutting-edge technologies, promising enhanced safety and comfort by revolutionizing depth-aware driver and occupant monitoring systems. With its focus on reducing market entry barriers and integrating advanced AI-based sensing capabilities, this innovation sets the stage for transformative advancements in automotive safety and convenience.

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