Revolutionizing Roads: Stellantis & Valeo's Remanufactured Camera

Stellantis and Valeo join forces, launching the pioneering remanufactured automotive windshield camera, a herald of sustainable advancements in ADAS
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Stellantis and Valeo join forces, launching the pioneering remanufactured automotive windshield camera, a herald of sustainable advancements in ADAS technology.


Stellantis and Valeo unite in a landmark partnership, marking a significant stride in circular economy practices. Celebrating their collaboration, they unveil the inaugural remanufactured windshield-mounted automotive video camera crafted at Valeo's Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers.

The duo's collaboration underscores a mutual commitment to preserving natural resources while generating financial value. Stellantis' ambitious goal of achieving Carbon Net Zero by 2038 aligns with a robust circular economy strategy, wherein remanufacturing stands as a pivotal driver.

Remanufacturing, an industrial process extending the lifespan of used products, emerges as a cornerstone of both companies' circular economy initiatives. Valeo, leveraging four decades of expertise in remanufacturing mechanical products, champions an extensive portfolio covering various automotive components, amplifying its impact year by year.

Stellantis's SUSTAINera label offers a broad spectrum of remanufactured automotive spare parts across 37 product lines, encompassing essentials like engines, brakes, control units, and high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles. Valeo's substantial portfolio integration covers six product families within this remanufacturing scheme, signifying its pivotal role in the venture.

The collaborative efforts culminate in the groundbreaking launch of a remanufactured video camera within a remarkably short span, embodying a colossal conservation of natural resources—up to 99% compared to new units. This milestone propels Stellantis into a pioneering role, integrating these remanufactured cameras into its aftersales lineup, signaling the advent of an innovative product range dedicated to ADAS within the SUSTAINera REMAN offerings.

The ingenious SUSTAINera label, indicative of Stellantis' circular economy spare parts, boasts significant raw material savings and reduced CO2 emissions—up to 80% and 50%, respectively, compared to new counterparts. Valeo, as the first supplier implementing these security labels, sets a new benchmark in promoting circular economy practices.

Additionally, the companies introduce sustainable packaging for remanufactured parts, reinforcing their commitment to eco-friendliness. These measures not only align with future EU legislation but also embody their dedication to reducing, reusing, and recycling, showcasing an unwavering focus on environmental stewardship.

Investing in skilled manpower through employee development initiatives further solidifies their commitment to accelerating circular economy practices. Alison Jones, Senior Vice President of Global Circular Economy at Stellantis, underscores this partnership's impact in realizing a sustainable future, resonating across customers, employees, and the planet.

Mino Yamamoto, Valeo Group Circular Economy Director, highlights Valeo's dedication to innovative solutions fostering the circular economy, commending the collaborative success in expanding their remanufactured range with the pioneering remanufactured video cameras.


Stellantis and Valeo's innovative stride with the remanufactured video camera symbolizes a transformative leap toward sustainable automotive technology. Their collaborative efforts not only signify a paradigm shift in circular economy practices but also set a high benchmark for future advancements in eco-conscious automotive solutions.

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