Siemens Electrifies Fleet with Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen Financial Services and Siemens AG collaborate to electrify Siemens' fleet with up to 1,000 leased Volkswagen
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Volkswagen Financial Services and Siemens AG collaborate to electrify Siemens' fleet with up to 1,000 leased Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles. This partnership aligns with Siemens' sustainability strategy, aiming for a fully electric and CO₂-neutral fleet by 2030. The Volkswagen ID.4 is chosen for its range, charging speed, trunk capacity, and price, signaling the practicality and suitability of electric mobility in everyday use.



Volkswagen Financial Services and Siemens AG have joined forces to introduce a transformative shift in Siemens' fleet management. The initiative involves the gradual integration of up to 1,000 leased Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles into Siemens' fleet, marking a significant step in Siemens' pursuit of sustainability and electrification strategies within Germany's industrial landscape.

Armin Villinger, Chairman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH, highlighted the pivotal role played by fleet electrification in driving the widespread adoption of e-mobility. "The shift towards electrifying vehicle fleets holds immense importance for Volkswagen Financial Services. We're witnessing an increasing trend where fleet managers are embracing electric mobility for their service vehicles, underscoring its practicality for everyday use," stated Villinger.

Emphasizing the significance of the fleet customer business, Achim Schaible, Chairman and Spokesman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Germany, expressed enthusiasm about the enduring partnership with Siemens and their transition into the era of electromobility.

Siemens, in alignment with its sustainability strategy, has set ambitious targets to render its entire fleet CO₂-neutral and fully electric by 2030. Stefan Kurz, Head of Global Fleet Management at Siemens, highlighted their commitment to climate goals and industry leadership. "Our decision to opt for the Volkswagen ID.4 stems from its balanced attributes—range, charging speed, trunk volume, and price—aligning perfectly with our sustainability goals and DEGREE framework," explained Kurz.

The Volkswagen ID.4 represents the inaugural all-electric compact SUV from the Volkswagen brand, available in China, the USA, and Europe. Leveraging the modular electric drive matrix (MEB), this vehicle's design prioritizes a spacious interior without compromising driving performance. With impressive maximum ranges of up to 512 kilometers or 531 kilometers (in the WLTP cycle) and rapid-charging capabilities of up to 135 kW, the ID.4 offers a compelling solution for long-distance travel.


The collaboration between Volkswagen Financial Services and Siemens AG to electrify Siemens' fleet with the Volkswagen ID.4 underlines a significant leap in embracing sustainable mobility solutions. Siemens' commitment to a fully electric and CO₂-neutral fleet by 2030, coupled with the choice of the Volkswagen ID.4 for its attributes, underscores the practicality and viability of electric mobility in meeting both environmental and commercial objectives.

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