Siemens Electrifies Future: Heliox Powers eMobility Ascent

SiemensImage Source: Siemens


Siemens AG has successfully acquired Heliox, a Dutch innovator in DC fast charging for electric buses and trucks. The acquisition fortifies Siemens' eMobility portfolio, offering charging solutions from 40 kW to megawatt capacities. This strategic move propels Siemens into the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure market, particularly in eBus and eTruck segments, enhancing digitalization and software capabilities.



In a transformative acquisition, Siemens AG has added a formidable feather to its eMobility cap with the integration of Heliox, a pioneering Dutch firm specializing in DC fast charging solutions. The move strategically expands Siemens' prowess in electrifying the burgeoning eBus and eTruck charging market. Heliox's technological finesse, spanning a range from 40 kW to megawatt charging solutions, aligns seamlessly with Siemens' commitment to shaping the future of eMobility.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Heliox brings to the table a workforce of approximately 330 individuals, constituting a reservoir of talent that synergizes with Siemens' vision for sustainable transportation. The acquisition not only bolsters Siemens' charging portfolio but also enhances its footprint in Europe and North America, positioning the conglomerate as a global player in the eMobility arena.

Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Smart Infrastructure at Siemens AG, underscores the strategic significance of this acquisition, noting the unprecedented growth in the EV charging infrastructure market. The focus on DC fast charging solutions for eBus and eTruck fleets aligns seamlessly with the trajectory of this burgeoning industry, making Siemens eMobility well-poised to cater to the escalating global demand.

Beyond the hardware-centric approach, Heliox augments Siemens' eMobility portfolio with comprehensive offerings, including charger monitoring and energy management services. This infusion not only enriches Siemens' Internet of Things (IoT) product suite but also amplifies its capabilities in digitalization and software integration, reflecting the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation.

The amalgamation of Siemens and Heliox presents a compelling proposition for eBus and eTruck customers, creating a holistic ecosystem that goes beyond mere charging solutions. Siemens' industrialization capabilities and expansive global sales network stand poised to elevate Heliox's production capacity, ensuring timely responses to the surging demand for sustainable transport solutions.


In the realm of eMobility, Siemens' acquisition of Heliox serves as a powerful catalyst, propelling the conglomerate to the forefront of the electric vehicle charging revolution. With a widened portfolio, strengthened digitalization, and global reach, Siemens is poised to shape the future of sustainable transportation, meeting the escalating demand for innovative eBus and eTruck solutions.

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