Synthetic Companions: Mercedes' AI Revolution

MBUX Virtual Assistant.
MBUX Virtual Assistant.Image Source: Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz unveils the future of in-car experiences at CES 2024, featuring the MBUX Virtual Assistant. Powered by generative AI, it transforms the car-driver relationship with natural conversation, introducing a hyper-personalized user experience. The assistant's advanced capabilities, including proactive intelligence, make life easier for users. The showcase also includes MBUX Surround Navigation, merging route guidance with real-time visuals, and an expanding 3rd-party app portfolio for enhanced entertainment and productivity. The Concept CLA Class, running on the innovative MB.OS, signifies Mercedes' commitment to a hyper-personalized future, setting new benchmarks for human-machine interaction.



Mercedes-Benz takes a leap into the future at CES 2024, presenting a vision of in-car experiences defined by advanced artificial intelligence. At the forefront of this transformation is the MBUX Virtual Assistant, a revolutionary interface that redefines the relationship between car and driver. Powered by generative AI, this sophisticated assistant introduces a level of natural and empathetic interaction that marks a significant departure from conventional voice assistants.

The MBUX Virtual Assistant, running on the Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), represents a significant evolution from the 'Hey Mercedes' voice assistant. This cutting-edge development, starting with vehicles on the forthcoming MMA platform, aims to create a seamless and intuitive connection with the car. The Concept CLA Class, premiering at CES 2024, provides a sneak peek into the capabilities of MB.OS, showcasing a future where technology adapts to the user, making life more convenient and comfortable.

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Chief Technology Officer, expresses excitement about the advancements in artificial intelligence that will enable future Mercedes-Benz vehicles to understand and enhance the lives of drivers like never before.

The MBUX Virtual Assistant goes beyond conventional voice interactions. It employs generative AI and proactive intelligence to offer suggestions based on learned behavior and situational context. Whether it's playing the morning news, initiating a preferred massage program, or dialing into a meeting when running late, the assistant aims to make driving a Mercedes-Benz a truly personalized and enjoyable experience.

To ensure a more natural and personalized interaction, the assistant embodies four key 'personality traits' – Natural, Predictive, Personal, and Empathetic. These traits, combined, create a holistic and human-like interface that adapts to individual preferences. Users can engage in a dialogue with the assistant, utilizing large language models for natural conversations.

Visual communication takes center stage with advanced 3D graphics created with Unity's game engine. The MBUX Virtual Assistant features a 'living' star avatar that expresses various moods and states, providing an intuitive visual feedback to the driver. From excitement to calmness, the avatar communicates the assistant's activities, creating a more immersive experience.

MBUX Surround Navigation, another highlight, integrates real-time visuals with route guidance. The driver gains a heightened situational awareness by 'seeing what the car sees.' This includes identifying traffic types, pedestrians, and potential hazards. The incorporation of 3D graphics made with Unity's game engine enhances the intuitive understanding of the surroundings, particularly useful in urban environments.

Mercedes-Benz continues to expand its 3rd-party app portfolio, offering users a broader choice of entertainment and productivity options. Over-the-air updates ensure that the latest content and features are readily available. The upcoming addition of Sony Pictures Entertainment's RIDEVU to the video streaming offering further enriches the in-car entertainment experience.

An exciting development in digital art is introduced with MBUX Collectibles, the first in-car app to showcase digital art and collectibles based on NFTs. Users can create a private art gallery by connecting their NFT wallet to the interface, showcasing curated digital art from Mercedes-Benz and user-owned NFTs.

Magnus Östberg, Chief Software Officer at Mercedes-Benz AG, emphasizes the hyper-personalization achieved through generative AI, bringing more trust and empathy to the relationship between car and driver. The MB.OS chip-to-cloud architecture ensures that future Mercedes-Benz vehicles provide customers with precisely what they need when they need it.

The Concept CLA Class, making its North American premiere, serves as a visual representation of the MB.OS architecture. This innovative system, consisting of four domains – Infotainment, Automated Driving, Body & Comfort, and Driving & Charging – and the connectivity module linked to the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud, ensures deep integration and control over the vehicle's sensors and actuators.

As Mercedes-Benz continues its journey towards a hyper-personalized future, the advancements showcased at CES 2024 set new standards for the automotive industry. The integration of generative AI, intuitive interfaces, and a commitment to constant innovation positions Mercedes-Benz as a leader in creating a holistic and personalized driving experience.


Mercedes-Benz's showcase at CES 2024 unveils a future where cars become synthetic companions through the integration of advanced artificial intelligence. The MBUX Virtual Assistant, powered by generative AI, marks a paradigm shift in the car-driver relationship, offering a hyper-personalized experience. With natural conversation, visual feedback, and proactive intelligence, driving a Mercedes-Benz becomes more than a journey – it becomes an immersive and enjoyable experience. The Concept CLA Class, running on the groundbreaking MB.OS, symbolizes Mercedes' commitment to a future where technology adapts to individual needs. As the automotive industry evolves, Mercedes-Benz continues to set new benchmarks, creating a holistic and personalized driving experience that anticipates and fulfills the desires of its users.

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