Timeless Elegance: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Shines at Rétromobile 2024

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Rétromobile 2024, one of Europe's premier classic car shows, becomes a haven for enthusiasts as Mercedes-Benz Classic unveils the iconic 300 SL series. The spotlight includes the rarely seen 300 SL racing prototype "Hobel" and three 300 SL Roadsters available for purchase. The exhibition not only showcases automotive history but also highlights Mercedes-Benz Classic's commitment to preserving authenticity through expert restoration and genuine parts.


In a celebration of automotive elegance and history, Rétromobile 2024 takes center stage as one of Europe's largest classic car shows. Amidst the array of timeless vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Classic steals the spotlight with a focus on the legendary 300 SL series, epitomizing the brand's commitment to heritage and innovation.

One of the key attractions at the Mercedes-Benz Classic pavilion (Pavilion 1 / Booth No. J062) is the rarely exhibited 300 SL racing prototype "Hobel" (W 194/11). This unique masterpiece, crafted in 1952, boasts a distinctive angular front, earning it the affectionate nickname "Hobel," German for "carpenter's plane." Though destined never to grace the race track, "Hobel" served as a vital precursor for the brand's foray into Formula One in 1954.

The Rétromobile show, renowned for being a prime sales event, offers enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire a piece of history. Mercedes-Benz Classic presents three meticulously restored 300 SL Roadsters (W 198) available for purchase. These open-top marvels, successors to the iconic gullwing-doored 300 SL Coupé, capture the essence of luxury and performance. Two of these gems showcase perfection through restoration by the skilled hands at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre, while the third remains in its original, unrestored state, presenting a captivating future restoration project.

Beyond the showcase of these automotive gems, Mercedes-Benz Classic demonstrates its unwavering commitment to preserving the authenticity of classic vehicles. The Classic Centre's expertise shines through in servicing classic vehicles in strict accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Restoration efforts prioritize maintaining original components, with the comprehensive range of Mercedes-Benz Classic Genuine Parts ensuring that replacements align with the highest standards.

The preservation of historical vehicles extends to meticulous appraisal services offered by Mercedes-Benz Classic. Original vehicle documents play a pivotal role, with expert manufacturer appraisals verifying the originality of particularly valuable classics. Modern testing methods and archive research combine to create unique overall appraisals, ensuring the highest standards of authenticity.

As Mercedes-Benz Classic unveils these automotive treasures at Rétromobile 2024, the brand not only pays homage to its illustrious past but also sets a benchmark for the future of classic car preservation. The dedication to originality, showcased through stunning exhibits and restoration expertise, reinforces Mercedes-Benz's position as a custodian of automotive heritage.


Rétromobile 2024 emerges as a time capsule of automotive excellence, with Mercedes-Benz Classic showcasing the iconic 300 SL series at the forefront. The exhibition not only captivates enthusiasts with rare glimpses of the 300 SL racing prototype "Hobel" but also offers an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of motoring history with three meticulously restored 300 SL Roadsters.

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