Volvo's Electric Truck Debut in Latin America

Volvo Trucks has made history by delivering eight heavy electric trucks to Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, marking its initial sales of
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Volvo Trucks has made history by delivering eight heavy electric trucks to Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, marking its initial sales of emission-free trucks in Latin America. These deliveries symbolize Volvo's commitment to sustainable transport, reflecting a broader shift among haulers in the region toward eco-friendly heavy transport methods.



Volvo Trucks has set a groundbreaking precedent by introducing eight heavy electric trucks to the Latin American market. These deliveries, spanning Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, signify Volvo's inaugural sales of emission-free trucks in the region, signaling a significant stride in promoting sustainable transport alternatives.

The company's expansion into Latin America represents a pivotal step in its global mission to embrace electrification. Having delivered electric trucks across six continents and 45 countries, Volvo is at the forefront of revolutionizing heavy transport.

The increasing inclination of transport companies in Latin America toward eco-friendly alternatives is evident from these recent orders. Brazil, a significant market for Volvo Trucks, received 26,159 trucks from the company in 2022, underscoring the region's growing interest in sustainable transport solutions.

Wilson Lirmann, President of Volvo Trucks Latin America, expresses pride in supporting customers embarking on their electrification journey. "Many haulers in Latin America have high ambitions regarding zero-emission truck transport. We are very proud and excited to have been chosen to support our customers as they now start their electrification journey. We believe that more transport companies will soon follow," Lirmann states.

Among the notable customers adopting Volvo's electric trucks are Reiter Log in Brazil, SQM, El Libertador in Chile, and Bitafal in Uruguay. These companies are integrating Volvo's electric FM and FH trucks into their operations, emphasizing the increasing adoption of eco-conscious transport solutions in diverse sectors.

The electric variants of Volvo FH and FM trucks, operating at a total weight of 44 metric tons, boast a commendable range of up to 300 kilometers on a full charge, making them viable for various transport needs.

Having pioneered serial production of electric trucks in 2019, Volvo Trucks boasts an extensive electric lineup, featuring six electric trucks tailored for diverse transport roles, from city distribution and refuse handling to regional transport and construction work. The company is steadfast in its goal for 50% of global new Volvo truck sales to be electric by 2030.

Volvo Trucks' pioneering delivery of electric trucks to Latin America signifies a monumental leap toward sustainable transport solutions in the region. This move aligns with the growing global trend toward eco-friendly transport alternatives and reflects Volvo's commitment to fostering a greener future for heavy transport.

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