XPENG Unveils X9: Ultimate 7-Seater Marvel

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XPENG introduces the X9, a groundbreaking 7-seater Smart EV, redefining space, safety, agility, and intelligence in large vehicles. Priced between $55,800 - $64,800 (China only), the X9 boasts SEPA2.0 architecture, delivering transformative features like flexible seating, cutting-edge tech, luxurious interior, and an impressive 702 km range, setting new standards in the electric vehicle realm.



XPENG Inc., a pioneering Smart EV company in China, heralds the official launch of the XPENG X9, a flagship 7-seater MPV underpinned by the revolutionary SEPA2.0 architecture, targeting the Chinese market. The X9 series, priced between $55,800 - $64,800, stands as a testament to XPENG's commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility solutions, providing immediate deliveries to consumers.

He Xiaopeng, CEO and Chairman of XPENG, highlighted the company's strategic goals, emphasizing the significance of the X9 in XPENG's Smart EV portfolio. "The XPENG X9 enriches our Smart EV offerings, aligning with market demands and promoting the integration of autonomous driving. We aim to seize growth opportunities by leading in Smart EV technologies and securing a dominant market position," stated Xiaopeng.

The XPENG X9, empowered by SEPA2.0 architecture, redefines the traditional paradigms of MPVs. Its innovative design, intelligence, spaciousness, handling, and safety features cater to diverse family needs, introducing a new era of automotive excellence. As an ultra-smart large 7-seater, the X9 transforms effortlessly into a roomy 4-seater SUV, providing a more comfortable driving experience than an MPV and greater flexibility than an SUV, enhancing user adaptability.

The vehicle's intelligence is evident through XPENG's XNGP ADAS and XOS Tianji, offering comprehensive and smart in-car functionalities. XNGP ADAS handles multiple driving scenarios seamlessly, bridging the gap until fully autonomous driving is achieved. XOS Tianji, the smart in-car operating system, presents multitasking capabilities, real-time display, and an AI-powered voice assistant, redefining the intelligent cabin experience.

Boasting a luxurious and spacious interior, the XPENG X9 maximizes in-car floor space, accommodating seven passengers with a class-leading 7.7m² floor area. The innovative electrically-foldable third-row seats expand the boot space to 2,554L, ensuring ample storage capacity for various needs. The vehicle incorporates cutting-edge features like a smart refrigerator, large family infotainment display, and a wrap-around integrated central AC, offering comfort and convenience to all occupants.

The XPENG X9 defies conventional MPV handling stereotypes with an active rear-wheel steering system and an intelligent dual-chamber air suspension system. Its exceptional maneuverability, boasting a class-leading turning radius of 5.4m, rivals that of compact SUVs, ensuring a comfortable and agile driving experience even on challenging terrains.

As a flagship model of SEPA2.0, the XPENG X9 showcases impressive energy efficiency, an 800V high-voltage SiC platform, and 3C battery cells, enabling a remarkable range of 702 km CLTC. The 800V SiC platform facilitates rapid charging, adding up to 300 km in a mere 10-minute charge. The X9's self-developed 800V XPower powertrain delivers robust performance, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, providing substantial power for driving needs.

XPENG's commitment to safety is evident in the X9's construction, featuring an industry-first front- and rear-integrated aluminum die-casting body structure and advanced safety cage designs meeting global safety standards.

In 2023, XPENG unveiled the SEPA2.0 architecture and achieved record sales, marking 11 consecutive months of increasing deliveries. The company continues to expand its intelligent driving technology reach across 243 cities in China.


The XPENG X9 emerges as a trailblazing 7-seater Smart EV, redefining the standards of comfort, safety, and intelligence in the automotive landscape. Its integration of cutting-edge technology, spacious interiors, exceptional handling, extended range, and safety features positions it as a formidable contender in the Smart EV market, reinforcing XPENG's commitment to driving the future of mobility.

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